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guess the movie the quotes came from: want to play?

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posted on Dec, 3 2014 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: Grovit

"Next time you got a problem like that JUST REACH FOR THE SKY!!!!"

Meanwhile you were right it was Egg Shen when they are about to crash Lopan's wedding.

The proper quote should have been. Wang Chi: You ready Jack? Jack: I was born ready. Damn I screwed that one up. I bow down to your superior fandom of Big Trouble.

edit on 3-12-2014 by BASSPLYR because: (no reason given)

posted on Dec, 5 2014 @ 06:40 PM

originally posted by: BASSPLYR. I bow down to your superior fandom of Big Trouble.



there's a fly in the ointment, #s hittin' the fan, the lion will speak

safety. safety first, then teamwork

i want to be inside you holmes

you got british knights on. i aint seen nobody wear them since 1987

yeah well, I'm gonna try to definitely put some sort of medical ointment on it. i've been takin vicodin but that really doesn't take down the swelling though.

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