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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 06:02 PM
Hello all I'm not a big fan of FB ( I do know who owns it ). Recently someone who I know from my past who I know is an addict tried to add me to FB, I quickly realized that it may be possible for him to determine where I live from pictures posted on there and possibly from other information available to him on my FB.

So I proceeded to make things more private on FB, this is actually more difficult than you might think ! I became frustrated trying to make things private through the maze of choices available to me, I found pictures especially difficult until i figured out exactly how to do it from this video I found. Think about your safety and your privacy on FB and safeguard yourself. They actually also have a feature on FB that allows you to see your profile the way the public sees it. very helpful.

I hope this takes the frustration out of it for some people out there. It is actually still frustrating but this really helped me.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 06:18 PM
There really is no such thing as privacy on FB. Google The Diaspora Project.

Any movement your mouse makes and every click you make gets tracked and the information sold off. Not to mention all the NSA stuff. FB is used so the government can properly keep track of you. They love it, people willingly giving up all their information.

I got tired of trying to keep my information private, fb deleting my posts that was very informative (things to do with Aquaponic food farms, truths about vaccines, etc) and deleting/adding things for experiments on users. I deleted my personal and just keep my ATS fb (for doing the 'Out of the Box' ATS show)
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posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: Sabiduria

I'm in canada so I haven't had the problem of them deleting stuff on me YET. I personally use it only to check on union business and to keep in touch with family and friends. but yea I have to laugh at people announcing they are going on vacations on FB, hey come break into my house lol.
Yes everything is now tracked down to the last detail on the net now its a shame. This is just so you know how to keep general people in the public from prying into your business for uncouth reasons mainly.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 06:52 PM
a reply to: enament

I'm in Canada too. I had been a member since fb was only college kids on it, which meant I was always in the last set of people to have the stupid changes forced upon them.

I only was apart of fb to keep up with my very large extended family (my Dad is number 9 of 12) but when most of my posts from end of July to beginning of September disappeared, I decided enough was enough.

The same trick that people can use to find your location using a photo you posted, is the same trick for any site. It's because your phone/camera has GPS capabilities and will include your GPS location in with the pictures information/properties. Best thing to do is to turn off that feature on your device.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 08:26 PM

Best thing to do is to turn off that feature on your device.

Incorrect, best thing to do is GET OFF FACEBOOK

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