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The Bewildered Path (first draft) Part 2

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 01:06 AM
The voice responded with a little pep in his voice "Wanna know something?" we are all afraid of things. The toughest men in the world have fears. It is human nature, It is what makes you, who you are."

The boy relaxed a bit as the familiar voice went on " You Know what you're really scared of?" the boy glanced up at the man and looked him right in the eyes, a set of eyes that he has seen before, he has seen many times before, as he shrugs his shoulder in confusion. "You're scared of me." The boy stared at the man in front of him, at that moment the light that he saw an hour ago reappeared, forcing the darkness out of the forest. The boy was dumbfounded, struggling to comprehend the moment, there was no logic for this, there was no mirror, Was this real? The young man asked himself, the other himself, "Are we twins?" The illuminated version of him, started laughing, "No JackA$$. You really think you are the only version of us? Come on now! There are thousands of different versions of you, of us, and believe it or not we have all met at some point, we just didn't know it. I actually just had lunch at the same bar and grill with party animal us. He's fun but man, is he annoying." They both laugh because at this point, He has no idea what else to do. The young man asked, "Okay, as awesome as this is, why are you here? do you want to get coffee or something?" His other half chuckled "No man, I'm here for a reason, I'm here because you need to get rid of me. Punch me in the face."
"What?" "Why?"
"Believe me, I really don't want this to happen, but it is the best thing for us as a whole. I am your fears, I am your failure, I am rejection, I am the part of you that thinks you are not good enough, and well I am your darkness."
"I'm lost man I must be dreaming right now this makes zero sen..."
"It is not suppose to make sense, NOTHING makes sense, and that is the beauty of life, that is the beauty of us. Now you are not killing me, I'm just going into retirement for a little bit, probably go to Florida or something with Party animal us. But I am holding the you version of us back. I may be darkness and fears, but hell I want the best for us. So do it now, punch me in the face so we can move on to the next chapters of our life. It was nice to see you again."
"This makes no sense but, here it goes, Have fun in Florida!"

The boy gave him a hard right hook, and right as his fist met his face, his vision went straight white.

The young man woke up in a frenzy, jolting up, where was he? The sun was out, which was odd because it was just dark out seconds ago. The birds were chirping and echos of barking came from the dog park right down the street. He was still dazed as he slowly got up from the soft grass he had, apparently passed out on during his walk. He was thankful that he was not far from home, because for starters he needed to apologize for storming out and he needed to eat something because that dream took a lot out of him. He slowly walked toward the path to return home when he heard the a voice from behind, It was a woman to his liking, because A. He knew it was just a dream and B. She was adorable. Maybe she want's his number, Where did this confidence come from? She caught up to him and they began to walk side by side, they made small talk, 'She totally wants my number' he thinks to himself. She walked with him all the way to the path, He told her about this crazy dream he had where he beat the crap out of his made up evil twin who was plotting to destroy the world. They finally reached the path, and he confidently asked her for her number, and yes, they're going on a date next Tuesday. As they went their separate ways, She noticed that something fell out of his pocket and rushed up and gave him an envelop, "Gregg, wait this fell out of your pocket!" He turned around and was confused, he didn't have that in his pocket before.

He was just about home and he decided to open the envelope. It was a post card, from Florida, that read.

"If you don't marry that girl I am coming back into your life, and making it ten times worse.
Go Change the world, We are counting on you.
See you in another life,


P.S. 1. Nice hook
2. Crazy "dream" huh?

Thank you for reading i hope you enjoy!!

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 10:31 AM
Marvelous story teller!! I really enjoyed this!!

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Thank you very much!!!!!

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