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Going to prison next month

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 09:19 PM

originally posted by: mymymy
a reply to: SheopleNation

"If" he is being sincere?

yes "IF". This is the internet, people make wild claims all the time. Plus with this being ATS it makes it an even bigger "IF" in my opinion.

So you know a few guys who spent time in county Jail, but you never experienced Prison or Jail yourself?

Read that again, I knew a couple of guys who were in PRISON, how you got "county jail" out of that is beyond me. I myself have been in jail before, but not prison.

LMAO! You're living in a fantasy World if you believe that is how it works inside places like that. I don't believe that you have any idea whatsoever about what you're commenting on. Course, that is just my opinion though, but an opinion that is backed up by personal experience. ~$heopleNation

Well, I tend to believe people I know a tad easier than anonymous people on the internet. I know everyone wants to believe prison is the horrid rape filled, shank stabbin', abusive prison guard situation that movies make it out to be, so they can act all bad when they get out, but the people I know that actually went to PRISON tell me it's just not like that.

It all depends on what prison you go to. Some are much much worst than others. Same goes for jails. For instance, I did 6 months in Fairfax County, VA jail and that was easy. I was in a new area of the jail and had my own cell with a door I could close or keep open. Everything was clean and it didn't stink. The inmates were all non-violent. But, I went to Coffee County jail in Tennessee and it was awful. The place is being condemned and they are forced to build a new jail. Inspectors said it was one of the worst they had seen. My first 24 hours inside there I was forced to fight twice. I was in a cell of violent offenders on their way to prison, most of them were Aryan Brothers who have a chapter nearby here. Slept on the floor in a overcrowded cell with 30 other inmates the whole time.

I was asked personal information from the group of Aryans who wanted to know where I lived, what crime I committed, what my wife's name was etc. None of which I provided which pissed them off. As I waited to fight another inmate who was small in size had to fight first. He didn't fight back and they knocked his teeth out and beat him badly. The guards NEVER come to check on anything. Inmates run the jail. Only one guard per shift anyways because they are understaffed and nobody wants to work there. The place is nicknamed "Staph City" due to the number of cases of staph people contract.

They picked out a random guy for me to fight, one of their younger gang members. I won that fight and they accused me of lying about how good a fighter I was. So then they made me fight another guy. This guy was big and had neck muscles and all. I just tried not to get injured during that one and managed not to. On Thursdays the prison bus would come and inmates on their way to prison would get ticked off if their name wasn't on the list to go. Apparently, prison was a better place to be than this county jail.

The same guy I watched get beat down for not fighting back ended up getting raped that night. They woke him up in the middle of the night and ordered him to take a shower. The inmates stole his clothes while he was in the shower. He just decided best thing to do was return to his mat and blanket. Two inmates took their boxers off and cuddled up with him under his blankets where they then sexually assaulted him. The inmates were drunk on Hooch that night.

Two weeks before I arrived a black guy had raped a 12 year old at gun point and they locked him up there. The inmates went to work on him with shanks and he ended up dying twice in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. Nobody was ever charged in the attack. The jail staff just doesn't give a damn about anything that happens there. This place was scary and 10 times worst than any other jail I had ever been to. I've been to 5 different jails. One in West Virginia, North Carolina, Northern Virginia and another jail in Tennessee. So, it all depends on where you go. Not every prison or jail are the same.
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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 09:55 PM
a reply to: mymymy

So I can't get personal on a conspiracy website? Get real dude. I read all the rules here and you're no admin.

Rumors would be from secondary sources, people who've never been to this specific prison. I know from multiple ex offenders the condition its in. It ain't candy land brother.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:05 PM
a reply to: FearYourMind

My stay in the county jail was about as worse. Decrepit, backwood anything goes county where ain't no rights. That place was horrific in terms of living conditions.

I got remanded to another county closer to home for visits, bad choice. Being a low risk offender I was put in a segregation block where you only come out for meals (20/4). Everybody except for 3 people including myself were gangster disciple members on the run from cook county. I was the only person there facing regular sentencing. They all had enhanced gang sentencings of at least 6-30 years (attempt murder, murder, agg discharge). I got maced twice because of perpetual fighting over the most trivial things like tv remotes, seats, and noise. I never lost and they would never jumped me. I read the Bible and didn't gamble but didn't act pretentious that's why everyone respected me.

The guards intentionally put rivals on the cell block to see fights. They'd put a Latin king in there knowing there would be an altercation. I was forced to fight again when a neighborhood buddy from an opposing gang was put there. They tried to jump him for getting a chess board taken so I helped him defend himself. A guard muy Thai slammed me face first in the concrete.

They played grab a** with the kid in for vehicular homicide.

We stayed in so much trouble all the time when I finally got moved I was like a celeb to others being from the worst part of the jail they called thunderdome. Even the guards treated me different. That's what I meant about being aggressive. It gains you leverage. I'm a passive person but 1 month on that block made me really antsy.

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:05 PM
a reply to: FearYourMind

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:05 PM
I've been to prison, both minimum and max custody, I'll try to give you an idea on what to expect. Remember, every state is different.
First off, forget bringing ANYTHING in with you. Not allowed. Period. I hooked up with a few people that played D&D, so when we had yard time, we played. We came up with a paper slip system, sort of like picking a number out of the hat for dice rolls. It worked pretty good.
As far as books, check with your state's Dept of Corrections on policies. Most DOC's will allow you to have paperback books shipped to you directly from the publisher or a place like Amazon. I had 2 books a week sent to me, a friend on the outside had my banking info and took care of having the books sent to me.
If you dont like to read, get into liking it. There will be days where youre stuck in your cell, and that's pretty much the only way to keep from going crazy. DOnt get involved with jailhouse drama or politics. Keep to yourself. Dont let people 'give' you stuff, you will pay it back, plus interest.
Definitely DO NOT dwell on the time you have left, it will drive you batcrap crazy. Just go day to day. Hell, go meal to meal if that helps.
Depending on your custody level, you will probably have to get a job. If offered, take it. Dont take it to get time off, do it to pass your time.
If you can, try to do 100% of your time, dont take parole if offered. Your parole or probation officer IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. They will look to trip you up and youre right back in, both for violation and more time. Most states, a probation/parole violation is a new charge which results in more time.
Keep your spirit up, get a couple of pen pals in here to send you articles and youll be out before you know it.
Good luck to you brother.

posted on Nov, 10 2014 @ 05:15 PM
First Post!

I live in Chicago, and did some time in Stateville last year. Couple things. You will be there for a month or two. You will either

1 - Be locked in a cell 24/7 with another person.
2 - Be in a "dorm" or gym area, with anywhere from 4 to 100 people in the gym.

My advice

1 - Keep you head down.
2 - Make some friends if you can.
3 - Do not take anything on LOAN or FREE at all.
4 - Talk to a couple people about sending you books right now, and have it all set up.
5 - You might not be able to write letters for awhile. You will not have commissary until you get shipped off to another joint. The only way to get letters is going to be to trade your food for an envelope. You wont want to do this, trust me.
6 - Get a job. Talk to the inmates already working. Same color. Ask the guards night and day.
7 - Don't tell everybody your personal information.
8 - Dont call anybody a btich. I know this from experience. Got real mad at somebody playing chess. Bad Idea lol.
9 - Dont expect to shave or shower for weeks at a time.
10 - I cant stress the books. Get them ready to send at least 5 a week. I was reading a book or two per day.
11 - This is IMPORTANT. Make peace with your celly right away. Give him something off your meal tray or something. You dont want to get on his bad side.
12 - And last. Dont be afraid. I am a white guy, I was skinny as # from abusing drugs, and weak as hell. Nobody #ed with me, and I kept to myself.


posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:27 AM
You should learn astral projection. They can cage your body but never your mind. I would suggest reading as much as you can about it and trying it. If you don't do it already that is.

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 03:24 AM
Good luck friend,

I have been to prison in the UK, done about a year in 4 trips longest 4 months.

I knew lots of people in there, and I managed to get in trouble a few times.

Don't hold anything for anyone, and be careful if your padmate or anyone else says "let me borrow this for 10 minutes, I will give it straight back" tell him to jog on.

Learn something while you are in there, you could learn programming/coding and come out and earn a fortune!!

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: jordygrant1

When do I get my number and how soon after can I get books

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:12 PM
I actually work in a maximum security prison (in PA, it's a prototypical prison), and don't believe everything you hear. As many have mentioned, there is obviously quite the difference between "jail" and "prison", as well as the the state you are incarcerated in.

Here in PA, the county jails are far worse than the prisons. People in and out, guys still high on whatever they were using, overcrowded, etc. etc. if I had my choice, id do a bid in state over even just a few months in county.

Secondly, the advice given to you on here as far as what to do, and what not to do - it's sound advice. Nearly all of it. Lay low, don't get involved in any gangs, don't loan/don't borrow, don't make friends with the guards (most will think you're trying to game them, or the other inmates will think you're a snitch) - but be respectful to them and most will give it back to you, even as far as looking out for you. They won't go out of their way, but if you have a problem or a concern, they're more likely to point you in the right direction or get something done for you through upper management - instead of just spinning you. But again, never, never ask them to do anything for you outside of the rules - common sense will keep you alive and well when you're doing your time, in general.

Also, the DOJ in the last few years investigated many prisons throughout the country, and hit them for A LOT of things. This resulted in PREA (Prison Rape Elimanation Act), as well as many other changes on the national level. Prison (in the U.S.), with very few exceptions, is not what you see on Lock Up: RAW, or even on the inside anytime before the late 90's.

In the 5 years I spent working the hole, I have never seen what TV/Media describes as prison life, atleast not in the extremes they do. I've seen some crazy things, and been I volved in some smash ups, but no where near what you see on TV. And I supposedly work in one of the worst prisons in the PA DOC. Just saying.

Keep your head down, do your time quietly, and you'll be fine.

One last note - if said prison is ran by a private company, do everything you can to get transferred. The privately ran prisons ARE as bad as what you see on TV. That is the exception.

Good luck.

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: Soapusmaximus

I've been programming for a year and have yet to earn a ton of money lol. My only project Is free so far

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: gorsestar
If I had to spend some time in a jail I would probably use the time for meditation and prayer. It's like living in a temple just with unholy people. I would try not to speak AT ALL. As the solitary is the best IMO I may would have to use my kung-fu from time to time also to teach others by beating the most evil seeding convict. Or a stinky, masturbating silly cellmate.
Big Stan (2007) was a movie!

Man, that claustrophobic room-sharing would be the real punishment for me. I once shared a room with some 20 soldiers and it was a hell. Combination of stress, farts, legs' odour, heat, stupid music and low oxygen level from the closed windows was killing me for months.
I thought that experience gave me some occult powers but it rather shifted my mental stability for a while

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 05:28 PM
a reply to: mymymy

Everyone's experience is different. One thing is for sure, there is nothing pleasant about it. Eating the food alone is hell on Earth. ~$heopleNation

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: gorsestar

That's bad news... From what I've heared is that you are provoked to join a gang.. for protection. Maybe that is all movie bs but you should certainly be carefull not to comit a crime during your stay. Your stay can become indefinite when things go really south. Anyways, go with God.

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 09:48 PM
Being unaware of what crime or crimes you are guilty of, I always have questioned the justice system. Sometimes the sentence far outweighs the crime. Many times I have seen the time fall extremely short of the crime. I chalk it up to political pressure, lawyers, and whatever agenda said justice system has.

My advice to you is to be brave. Regardless of your crime, you must serve your time. That time can be good and it can be bad. Don't be anyone's b@&$h, nor make anyone yours. Be kind, yet not clingy, do whatever you can to make your time go by quickly. Take advantage of any and all programs, schooling, and/or jobs available. Use the gym/exercise equipment. Mind your own business and above all, remember that in prison, no one has friends. Treat everyone with kindness but realize they can and will stab you in the back given the opportunity.

Good luck and Godspeed.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: SheopleNation

Oh I certainly agree. The OP will NOT have a pleasant time, but he's letting himself get convinced every single day there will be hell on earth.

As for the food, I've only had jail food and that was bad enough, I don't want to imagine prison food.

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