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5 Shocking Reasons to End the Drug War (And Consider Legalization and Regulation)

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posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 03:48 PM

Saving people from themselves is a very condescending attitude, patriarchal , overlording, and being a sort of slave master. One that totalitarian and facist governments hold.
a reply to: grandmakdw

I am with you completely... I tend to be over careful in my approach to this subject ... trying to appeal to the folks who don't think this way and hold onto the failed drug policies as "good." The patriarchal attitude is where most indignity and worse originates.

So, agreed... I just try for a more gentle approach, despite very strong, passionate feelings to the contrary. Despite personal misery and a life derailed, I know enough other bright, good people who are dead or rotting due to these idiotic policies to fill two books.

It's a long, miserable fight against tyranny and bad ideas... but reason and kindness is winning... finally.

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 05:01 PM
This is good to see. It's always a sad thing when people turn towards hard drugs to help them cope but would you rather your son/daughter have to get their heroin from a stranger under a bridge or the licenced dealer that adheres to a strict standard of quality control as well as full disclosure of the process and makeup? Most of these kids dying are just getting a bad batch made with cheap and wrong ingredients. Can't exactly sue the dealer if he's not licenced and insured.

Hopefully just like Marijuana, the state's will individually start legalization.

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 10:14 PM

originally posted by: nomickeyshere
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat

Unfortunately.We have never had a real "war on drugs"....just a baseball type slapfest
You want a real it Nazi - style =
Every dope grower, harvester, packer, mule, dealer, pusher, and anyone else connected to the drug trade
arrested on site
1. First offense / conviction = 5 years HARD ASSED labor
2. Second offense / conviction = Death Penalty, appeals only good for 30 days

Drugs are the mind & soul killers

This will turn every drug user into a killer on their second offense. You think people will surrender peacefully when they know the penalty is death?

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 10:19 PM

originally posted by: grandmakdw
If we do legalize currently illegal drugs

we should also make all prescription drugs

over the counter.

It is such a waste of my time to go to the Dr. when I know I have a UTI or sinus infection and need an antibiotic.

ALL drugs should be over the counter, if you think the illegal drugs should be legal.

Antibiotics are the most susceptible to this but it applies to all drugs. We can't just freely hand out many medications because of the threat of drug resistant viruses. Making sure that substances are handed out in the appropriate amount is important in order to prevent those drug resistant strains from developing. You of course have to do your part to by taking the full dose (especially with antibiotics) but there's good reason for doctors to be metering these medications.

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