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After troubles at Normandy Middle a return to Francis Howell

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 09:54 PM
After troubles at Normandy Middle a return to Francis Howell

Lorrine Goodloe daughter had transferred from Normandy to Francis Howell last year due to Normandy losing accreditation. She decided to send her daughter to Normandy this year thinking that things had improved. Two months later, her daughter is back in school in St. Charles MO. along with nearly 100 other students.

They had already said goodbye to Francis Howell, coming to terms with starting at Normandy Middle in August. With state officials and a new board in place, maybe it was a good time to give the schools there a fresh chance, Lorrine Goodloe thought.

But that new start has been plagued with behavior problems at the middle and high school, as well as teacher resignations, the Post-Dispatch has previously reported.

For Naomi, two serious incidents led to the realization that she wasn’t safe at Normandy Middle School, her mother said. Both happened in class when teachers were present, Naomi said.

The first happened on the third day of school — a boy hit her in the face, she said. She still doesn’t know why.

Her mother went to school and spoke with principals, putting a plan in place that she hoped would keep Naomi safe. Every day, she told Naomi to stay positive. And she prayed, “Lord, keep your hands around your children.”

At school, Naomi said, one teacher sat in front of class and cried as kids acted out. Others left and didn’t return. During lunch, the cafeteria was chaotic with food fights, Naomi said. Her mother offered to make her a lunch to bring and eat elsewhere.

“Mom, they’ll just steal it,” she told her.

Naomi kept asking to go back to Francis Howell.

“Mama, they didn’t change,” she would say. “I miss Saeger Middle.”

A friend there was asking about her, too.

A girl who became close to Naomi last year has grandparents who live a few blocks away from Naomi in Northwoods. Her mother came to knock on their door after the school year started to ask if Naomi would come back.

Normandy was the school system that Michael Brown graduated from.

The mother was told her girl had a seizure at Normandy Middle,but it turned out that the young lady was too scared to go to school.
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posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: feldercarb

Normandy has been a crap school for years. The parents in that district let the kids run like animals and no one learns anything but criminal behavior.


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