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Icarus the Goldilocks Zone and Radiation Therapy

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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 09:35 AM
The sun can be a great source of energy and creative power, but we are delicate flowers unable to persist in climates that are too radically different from the ones we presently persist within. Even if you maintain a vigilant philosophy of independence, if you fly too closely to the sun, you will incinerate all of the things that that make you unique and independent, leaving behind only those things that are immutable and timeless. If; however, you fly close to the sun and return to this place, the first things to burn up are generally the weakest, most confused and least integrated parts of yourself. This cooling off period allows for a regeneration of self, restoring you to a more glorious condition than you previously enjoyed. These cyclic patterns can be an adjuvant for self-development if you utilize it properly.

I would take this as a warning, do not become like Icarus burning off his own wings to be eternally diminished, but become like Apollo burning brightly across the sky for the whole world to see. If you can surf this razor's edge and use it to your advantage, you can grow in independence and strength without annihilating your inherent nature. If you prune your garden wisely, you can use this process to burn away the chaff leaving behind only golden wheat for the enjoyment of the world.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 10:11 AM
Get some Serrapeptase. It lets your body fly close to the Sun, burn off what is dead and come back with a healthy, renewed body.

For any curious, serratiopeptidase is located in a silkworm's intestine and allows the moth to dissolve its cocoon when it's ready to emerge. When the enzyme is introduced into the body, over time it will begin to show it's magical properties.

Serrapeptase has the ability to eat and dissolve all dead and inflamed tissue in the body while leaving all healthy cells and tissue untouched. It's been discredited many times by mainstream and lack of study, but you can't stop all the positive personal testimonies from many people.

Like any biomedicine, results may vary and it will work better with certain body types. I would strictly use this for pain, range of motion and anti-inflammatory reasons only. Others have taken it for blood pressure and get little results. Then they go of spouting how bad the product is.

Your post reminded me of this.

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