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A Beautiful Reflection on the Passion of the Christ

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posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 03:28 PM
This Chaplet of Divine Mercy unites itself to the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary ot the Blessed Virgin Mary. What makes this Chaplet different from the traditional Divine Mercy Chaplet is that it is based on meditations Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska received from Jesus who shared the Passion as Our Father in Heaven experienced and suffered it along with Christ.

I hope you find this as amazing as I did. Watch it and listen to see how Jesus' sufferings changed the heart of God the Father!!!

posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: sad_eyed_lady

Dear sad_eyed_lady,

I can't remember seeing anything more beautiful and true here. I am fortunate enough to be in a parish with a St. Faustina relic of the first class in the altar.

You have my deep gratitude, and admiration.

With respect,

posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: sad_eyed_lady

Drew Mariani prays the Chaplet at 3pm Central every day on his radio program for those who call in with needs. It is a beautiful prayer.

And it's very nice to see a thread by sad_eyed_lady this evening

posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 05:24 AM
Aww....I love you guys.

And you know it!

Here is a link to the best version of the Bible to be found IMHO for all my favorite posters.

:sa int:
:saint :
:s aint:

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posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 01:51 PM
Thanks, sad_eyed_lady, I just subscribed to their newsletter because of you.

A question has poked it's head up and I don't know if I have the answer to it. I'm not even sure the answer is more important than the question.

The Chaplet of Mercy is a door into the inner heart of the Catholic Church. It contains prayer, mysticism, our hope, Jesus' death, and our responsibility. There are so many people here who find what they think is Catholicism from blogs and newspaper clippings. Wouldn't someone who is an honest searcher come and see for himself?

Getting an opinion on Man's relationship to God as experienced by the largest denomination in the world, seems like getting a review of a steak dinner from a biology textbook on the digestive system.

I can understand, just a little, about the prophets sent to Israel. And I can get the faintest hint of what Jesus thought when he looked at Jerusalem.

I really want to grab every ATSer and shout at them. "You want to deny ignorance? You want to experience the Truth? Here it is, look at it. Start thinking differently. You claim to be open-minded? Open your mind, then, to the Reality that lays outside of this Universe, yet came to live in it, to teach us and love us.

"Get serious! This isn't about who will win the next election or if the latest Apple phone has flaws or if you've got the latest shoes. This is about the real you who will live forever, seeing God with joy and peace, or will live forever, knowing you sent God away on your own and He'll never be there to bring any hope or joy to you, for ever.

"You keep telling people to wake up and look at reality? What are you doing, laying down and snoring? Get up, get up! You have a chance for the greatest prize conceivable, and you're giving it up for just a little while longer in bed?"

Holy Spirit, send us consolation and support as we find our road through life. Thank you for sending brothers and sisters to walk with us on a road that gets pretty rough now and then. Keep us open to you, and willing to give to others what you have given us.

With respect (to you and worship to God),


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