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ammonite fossils in Mount Everest and crocodiles NOW in the Sahara - evolution censors fooled

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 05:11 PM
Two film makers, Adam White and Sara Ford, got a gigantic budget for a computer assisted film with the same goal as dozens of other such films using the same technology, that have been produced recently for prime time main television channels in NATO countries : cover-up the evolution hoax.

December 6, 2004, 9:45 P.M : the first channel of German television shows the premiere for the film "Time journeys".
But this time something unprecedented happened : an audience of more than 3 millions gets the chance to know about some of the latest facts exposing evolution, that the censors carefully managed to hide so far.

The film starts by asking two of those facts. How comes you find
- ammonite fossils near the top of Mount Everest, and
- crocodiles (a new species discovered in 2002, much smaller than the Nile crocodiles) living in the middle of the Sahara ?

How the censors were fooled

How comes that what was supposed to be one more computer generated film to "produce" evidence for evolution theory turned in fact to be the most successful attempt to fool the censors responsible for keeping the public ignorant about the facts exposing immediately the big lie evolution theory ?

Probably the censors were fooled by how straight forward was the planned goal of the film - keep repeating the basic lie for evolution, suggesting that it happened during "millions of years".
Since the film makers just kept repeating what they were supposed to ("let's take a journey millions of years into the past"), the censors just weren't able to realise that in fact the film makers were providing more clues to help the brain washed public understand the truth.
For example in the case of the Sahara crocodiles they showed Sahara wall paintings ("5,000 years old") portraying the animals that lived in the Sahara, while immediately after using the "millions of years" magic words ...

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 05:26 PM
well, id liek to see soem websites on this for verifying information, nut yeah ive heard they have found sea shells on top of mount everest, and huge clams and stuff.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 06:33 PM
How People trained to debate evolution loose their arguments REAL quickly

posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 07:01 PM
Uhhh, okaaaay, well this is from your link, where Christians make fun of your spelling and grammar and then provide this reply to you:

Anyway, sea-fossils found where they oughtn't be can easily be explained by plate tectonics. Mountains are the results of two plates pushing up against each other, so the ground is going to raise up.

Since the formation of mountains takes an exceedingly long time only fossils of older species have been found on the tops of mountains.

Ever wonder why only ammonite fossils and not beluga whale fossils are found in high places? Hm? Perhaps if the fossils of a species younger than the mountain were found on the top of one that'd be a blow to evolutionary theory and uniformitarianism. But they haven't.

Then you didn't have a response for them, so, back to yermom's question, can you please provide a source for this?


posted on Jun, 28 2005 @ 07:17 PM
Well you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know, at least I learned this in grade school, that the earth was covered with water, and that didn't have nothing to do with the flood of the bible, but with facts from the begining and formation of earth.

So what is the big point here?

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 04:39 AM
Plate tectonics do explain this.

In short, the earths crust is split up into several huge plates that 'float' on the magma beneath. These plates move and bump into each other, causing earthquakes, volcanos and mountains.

When two plates collide 'such as the Indian and Asian plates, they buckle, forcing land into the air and creating mountains. This land often starts life on the sea bed, hence the fossils of marine creatures on top of Everest.

ANd as for the Sahara, during the last ica age it was a temperate region with a climate comparable to that of England today. Again no mystery or creationism, just a long time ago.

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 06:23 AM
the earth is flat ,Man is gods alutmite creation, the earth is the center of the soler system and the Unvirse.
these are just a few of the fundamentals religion has tought throu out the years. Now in the age of reasion and shuttles its impossible for religion to push this nonsence anymore . So they move on to what they see as easer pickings evloution is not real . Never mind the FACT the if it isent that BILLIONS typs of animals would have had to share the earth in the begining .Immange if you will a T REX along side the lion a tricartops along side the bufflo.
Standing room only . Theres nearly a billion Different life forms on earth today and for ever one that lives a HUNDRED went extinct .(just go to any museum.
And of corse science has farly proven one type of evolution at this point .
so now your stuck with well animals cant change into a compleatly NEW animal.
But again science has ROOMS full of evedence showing this to be WORNG as well.
take the horse wich we have a good fossile record of starter out as a woodlands animal the size of a goat WITH splayed hoves.
today 250,000 years later you have a animal that HAS Evolved into a MUCH larger much faster animal with a singial hoof .
the reagsion for that was oringialy the horse was a woodland animal and after the iceage ended the woods it lived in recided leaving open fields .
so without the trees to hid in they eather had to be able to RUN faster or become lunch.
the results we see today are because the dident want to be lunch.
But hay keep ignoring the FACTS if it makes you feal better .
We humans seam to have a need to feal special and ever CRUCH science takes away forces us to relize we NOT. And some of us cant handel that so we constily find things to redefine in order to feal special again.
Got news for you God or no God your not special God may have created the universe WITH Untold numbers of stars and PLANETS .
And if God is there he could snuff earths candel with a eyelash do you think the univers will morn the passing of earth ? or humans ?
Do you think God would take the time to shead a tear?
god very well may be real but this doesent make evolution any less real.
My advice is to start trying to figer out how your going to fit evolution and God toghter in the same sentice.
Ps you should study a Babys devolument from conseption to birth and through the first 5 years of life for the best evedence for evolution.
first trymester a HUMAN babby has gills wich are reabsorbed in the second a HUMAN baby has a tail wich is reasorbed in the third a Human baby is COMPLEATLY covered in hair wich it louses just befor it born.
You have just goin from a singial celled through fish through low primate to evanced primate when baby is born . Baby isent compleatly human untill baby becomes self aware even the bible aggress with that .

posted on Jun, 30 2005 @ 06:49 AM
No fossils have been found on the top of Everest.

a) It's covered in snow and ice
b) Mounatineers have better things to do than lug rock hammers up with them and start geologising in the midst of a blizzard at 28,000ft
c) Everest comprises predominantly of metamorphic gneisses and schists. which don;t contain fossils.

However, there are largely un-metamorphosed sedimentary rocks elsewhere in the Himalaya and, since these originally formed in the shallow Tehys Sea before India crashed into Asia, they do - unsurprisingly - contain fossils.

As for the Saharan crocodiles - a bit of an own goal there since they help prove that there coudn't have been a global flood.

The crocodiles arrived in the Sahara during the Africa Humid Period after the last ice age, when frequent rainfall meant that the Sahara was a savannah with many ponds, lakes and rivers. When the climate changed c6,000 years ago, some of the crodiles found themselves cut off oases in the midst of the desert. They adapted to their new environment and have survived happily to this day.

Had there been a global flood they would have been swept away and drowned.

Unless you think the crocodiles jumped off the ark after the flood and said "I know a lovely little oasis to go and live in. It's only 2,000 miles away across this scorching, arid, desert. Come on, It's much better than languishing in this lovely little swamp by the Nile...."

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