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Back from the dead

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 01:18 PM
Take it or leave it. Every 30 yrs or so the ones who really make the world turn need someone to check in with them to determine how we will go foward. I am quite sure this timing of death of the elect can be found in scripture but that is not what i am on about here. What concerns me is a glimpse of what i saw as i turned in the chain of souls.

There was a world much like ours today and i will call it our futures past. Meaning that this is not the first time we have been here and what i believe i saw was how things arre likely to be again. The term brothers keeper rings most true in that entire neighborhoods were subject to judgment of actions from one individual and thoughts that were made open. Simple things that we do and say everyday. Many will not like where i take the thread next but know i do it so you can gain knowledge in an attempt to bridge the gap between believers and non believers.

What i seen were reason for athiest to totally go against any thing that has to do with GOD. Meaning that often we see a fire that seems to be lit under believers and the nonbelievers that burns to the point of hatrid. I seen that each and everyone of us know the truth that GOD that created this place is real and thee ones that rail against him do so in an attempt to overcome him so that what i saw does not happen again.

It will not work and never has. There have been givin many false reasons that give hope to the thought of defeating the one on top. This was done simply to create enerrgy to get us to this point we are at. This is the reason for the deception spoke of in the bible. Now we are arriving at our destination and the contrary energy is no longer needed. To put it bluntly before you were used you had already proved yourself to be of rebellious nature against GOD. Enemies from another time.

The last time we were here the mercy was extended to you by way of letting you live in a world that is run completly by a new religion. I am just writing to your spirit here in hopes to avoid the cycle. Something in my pea brain would like to see you all be able to leave here if you choose but that only comes by walking a specific path.

Anyhow what i saw was that when a person would start railing against GOD they would be targeted and the destruction brought against them would effect their neighbors and after a small time people began to find anyone that went against the neighborhood and deal with then themselves. Those that choose to find refuge underground were targeted first by GOD and underground cities were swallowed by the earth and spit back up into fireballs. Next were the suburbs and the cities.

What was all this about? Simply dening that GOD is real and he exist. It is a battle between the old vs young between the male vs female. Like i said the chain is out of my hands now and i am free of that bond. It is up to you to respect the man of the house long enough to graduate and move out. There is no sense in shooting the messenger for i was a dropout myself.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

The division between the believer and non believer will grow. There will be hate on both sides which will lead to the final battle that God will lead. He will be victorious as his enemies lay at his feet and the non believer will be forgotten. But until then the non believer will be numerous and will out number the believer. Laws will reinforce the non believer and he will persecute any believer who makes his beliefs known.

Until then the believer will be ridiculed and discriminated against and some will fall away while others will accept their new faith as they see the glory of God.


posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 03:32 PM
Perhaps i got a glimpse of the false peace but what i saw was not pretty at all. The level of fear of words and thought was off all known charts. There was fire coming from the sky and houses of the ones that clung to the thought that there was no GOD were being swallowed into the ground and often others around were caught up in the acts. That led to communities all coming together to silence the voices of disbelief. I personally believe he can handle being called names like murderous unfair and all the rest but the denial seemed to be the tipping point.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 03:49 PM
As a Christian I hold no hate for anyone. If God will accept my pathetic ass and not hate me for the stupid things I've done; who am I to harbor hate?

ISIS is hard not to hate. I'd murder them in a multitude of ways for a plethora of reasons...all in love of course. God loved his creation enough to destroy it. I'd love to help.

On topic...our relationships with each other should go beyond all that petty s#; religion being the enemy of all man. Intolerance is a form of hate right?

Pride is to aethisists what religion is to "believers". To think any of us has a damned clue what is going on is humorous at best...delusional at its worst.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 06:05 PM
We can say whatever fits our emotion or thoughts at the time and that is all fine but at the end of the day we are here in someones creation. We were givin life and if the stance that the one who created us is not real continues then proof will be given by way of fire. My vison of the future allows for each to go the way they want to go but denial in the mix will bring about much hate to the point of the one that loves us unconditionally sending many back to relive all the past again. No one can hide behind the retoric of denying the power of GOD. It only hurts us as a whole. Sure let's all debate the flaws of the plan thats fine. I speak the truth when i say denial will kill many guilty and bystanders.

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