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Hello there guys and gals

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posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 10:50 PM
I'll go by gunblaize. That's my username and I'm sticking to it.

I got sucked into this site (lots of good reading) after looking around on the web to see about some odd things that have been happening to me (visions).

I guess I'll share my most memorable little "vision". I once had a jeep. A very nice jeep. I wrecked it though. However, I dreamed one evening that I was driving down the road I normally travel, in a red vehicle that had no roof. I couldn't identify the vehicle at the time, but I could tell that it definitely wasn't a sports car.

A few months later, I had a red geo tracker fall into my lap so to speak. I wasn't even looking for another car, but the price was too good for me to pass up.

I didn't think about the dream until I was driving down the same old road, had the top down, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks... Same type of day (sunny but partially cloudy) and all the details came back to me. Don't you just hate that?

Any how, I've had these type things happening for a while, and finally thought to search the web. I've been in two car crashes I've walked away from unscathed that I should've died from (both times the state troopers were surprised to see me up, responsive, walking around and completely coherent and fine).

Another crash, when I was a kid, left me dead for a little bit. I don't know how long, I don't remember the crash. It wasn't some insane amount of time, maybe a few seconds with no pulse and no breathing. I do remember an aerial view, the color of the truck that hit us, and how many fire trucks were there. I was unconscious all the way to the hospital though, and nobody ever told me this information or showed me pictures. That has perplexed me for some time.

After the wreck, I remember sleeping in the living room one evening. I awoke to find two men fighting. I was too scared to move, I just lay there paralyzed with fear. They didn't have guns or anything though, edged weapons it looked like. I do remember one man dying. The problem is, nobody was ever there. It could have just been a dream, but I didn't go back to sleep that night. I was young however and that's just what I have been chalking it up to, a night mare. This has been on my mind a lot lately as well.

Any ways, long story short, I like a good conspiracy theory, and I don't trust the government or the media. I enjoy shooting, hunting, fishing, and really anything outdoors. Whiskey is a good friend of mine as well, it helps me sleep and eases my mind.

I hope to find some good information through this site, and I hope to add some good information as well. Thank y'all for having me aboard!

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 11:18 PM
a reply to: gunblaize

Welcome to ATS gunblaize! Glad you're aboard.

Interesting story though my paranormal understanding is zilch so I can't really offer any input. I'm sure there are plenty here who can though.

See you on the boards.

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 12:39 AM
welcome to ats gunblaize

posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 02:01 AM
Déjà vu ~ When God thinks something is so funny he has to rewind it to show it to his friends...


Good film if you haven't seen it yet:

Doug Carlin: Have we met?

Claire Kuchever: Yeah, yeah we have...

Claire Kuchever: What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world, but you knew they'd never believe you?

Doug Carlin: I'd try. [Doug turns on the radio and the Beach Boys song from earlier plays, and he gives Claire an odd look]

Doug Carlin: Nah...

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