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3 quick dreams with a theme of decent/falling

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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 01:56 AM
I dont normally have quick dreams that stop and start like this so its been on my mind most of the day (2:30pm now). They happened this morning, I had got up to get a glass of water about 5am and went back to bed to get another couple of hours sleep.

The first dream I was immediately somehow on this rooftop of some sort of commercial building, I was there with other people I did not recognise and we were trapped and needed to get off the roof. There was a Ferris wheel on one side of the building and the people around me were jumping on the tops of the Ferris wheel cars (is cars the right word?) and getting off the roof that way. Me being completely afraid of heights was hesitant, but what ever the motivation to get off the roof it scared me more than falling to my death. I jumed on the top of the car and began the decent... it ended then.

The second, I was standing next to this giant hole, not like the ones in Siberia that had been appearing, more like an impact crater--nearly a mile across. I was looking over this crater is shock, I knew it was my city--well part of it and a large portion of it was gone, just a hole in the ground. A person near by was claiming it was from a nuke, but I was saying no it was a meteor. He claimed to have seen a mushroom cloud, I said if it was a nuke we wouldn't be here. Then that ended.

The third dream, there was talking over, like it had some sort of commentary to it. The voiced were comedic representations of the current and a former Prime Minister admitting there roles in sending this country to war, which had no relation ship to what was going on. I was in an office, I was trying to find a file in the records room, it wasn't there so I went to the person that last had the file, she said something about leaking the documents (to press) and then the file bursts open and all the doc's spill to the floor. Then I started hearing an alarm (no it was not my alarm, I don't use one to wake up), the alarm intensified until it was like an air-raid siren.

I woke up.

I am not making any claims that this is a prediction/premonition, I just needed to write this out. Getting off a roof, a hole in the ground from a meteor, and the dropping of the documents; they all follow a theme. it must have some meaning on a psychological level. I actually feel a lot lest clouded now that I have written this out. Caffeine wasn't cutting it today.

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 02:41 AM
a reply to: RifRAAF

Sounds like political turmoil is giving you worries about war and so you have a desire to flee from its stress.

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