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Ormus in 2 of my fav foods?

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 07:38 AM
2 of my fav veg & fruit are carrots and purple grapes. This an interesting spin on the effects of consuming these types of food in light of my own metaphysical interests.

The existence of ORMUS elements in our food can be concluded from tissue studies done on higher mammals. One study found calves' and pigs' brain tissue contained as much as 5% by weight of ORMUS elements! Research has proven that plants absorb and concentrate the ORMUS elements from the soil they grow in. Although trace amounts may be found in virtually all food substances, higher concentrations appear in aloe vera, carrots, ginkgo, blood-root, blue-green algae, St. Johnís Wort, and Concord grapes. The concentrations vary depending upon the abundance of the elements in the soil in which these plants are grown. It is possible that the best way to ingest these elements is in the forms of plants grown in soils rich in these elements.

The Theory

The scientific mechanisms of how the ORMUS elements produce their reported mental and physical benefits have not yet been identified. Some researchers argued that the effects may be produced through bio-superconductivity that enhances the full potential of the DNA. Research in bio-transmutation has been conducted outside of the mainstream scientific circles.
We believe that when ingested, the ORMUS elements enter the blood stream and pervade the body. Because they are chemically inert, their effects cannot be due to chemical reactions in the body, but due to an energetic effect. We believe that ORMUS elements simply sit in the cells, where they generate the subtle Essence of life. By increasing the Essence in the body on a cellular level, more spiritual intelligence can be expressed through both the mind and body, thus enabling the body and mind to attain a more integrated, holistic state of functioning.


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