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Building a song around a solo

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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 04:47 PM
Sorry for late reply,look forward to hearing it

One thing I don't think I mentioned about the lead aspect to guitarists is string bending and vibrato-I can normaly tell how many years a musician has been playing from those two techniques

In my early twenty I was crazy fast and can remember struggling with pedal steel bends in country lessons when I was in London-it doesn't take too long to play fast scales and arpeggios but fine touch on the guitar that makes it sing and cry is a long road

Vibrato,small or wide or pulsing slow fast slow to the tempo-you have to get years of feeling the strings

Like guitars,I bought a fender Roadhouse long time ago and for a couple of years I though this is a terrible guitar feels stiff and lifeless but I don't know why I used to just practice with it

After a couple of years it broke in and I've never played another guitar that feels connected to my soul and sings so beautifully

Your fingers are like that,to start with bends are stiff and robotic sounding with vibrato being one size fits all technique but later on your hands break in lol

All about the touch

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