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The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ANALYSIS of the events of 9/11.

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posted on Jun, 24 2015 @ 07:11 AM
Perspective 77 (once send via PM by weedwhacker, Aug 2011, to me) :

EugeneDebbs, the author of this video, is avoiding the very convincing witness accounts of Lagasse and Brooks. He even tried to insinuate that they gave different descriptions in an earlier interview after 9/11 by the lady of the Library of Congress.
They definitely did not.!
Concentrate on Lagasse and Brooks their interviews at the CITGO gas station in 2006 by the CIT team of two. If you can convince us that they must be mistaken or were telling bold lies, then you will make a groundbreaking point. Till then, good riddance in doing so.

Take also in account that the 5 Arlington Cemetery Maintenance workers all reported a plane flying towards their yard under a slight, +/- 30 degree right bank, as they indicated with the toy plane in their hands.
The "recovered" DFDR does NOT have that significant enough right bank in its data stream, no bank at all shows up, starting from Flight 77 passing the Sheraton Hotel. P e r i o d.

Here are their two CIT interviews, and Sean Boger's one too, and the CITGO video the FBI confiscated on 9/11 :

9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 5: eyewitness Officer CHAD BROOKS

9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 6: eyewitness Officer WILLIAM LAGASSE

9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 11: eyewitness SEAN BOGER

Judicial Watch September 11 Pentagon Citgo FOIA freed Video

At 4:44 / 5:20 you see that bright sun reflection's vertical flash on the underside of that white Northern CITGO canopy.
Just before that, you see in the smaller center top video-window beside that flash in the big right top video-window, the same flash but as a horizontal stripe at the top.
At 5:02 Lagasse has finished radioing in what he saw and backs up his white patrol car, turns around and speeds out of the entrance, to the right.
Directly after the flash you also see in the bottom right window, all visitors and the clerk run to the door at the right side and pack together to stare at the Pentagon's smoke and fire.

NoC possible flight path in a slight right bank :

There are more aerial views I posted to be found in that ATS Search, with all CIT witnesses in their positions depicted, and the Route 27 witnesses drawn in too, in their cars when the plane flew over them.

By the way, you don't tell a news reporter that the plane flew over you- your car- or your head, when your car and you in it, where positioned 150 yards at least, to the LEFT of the incoming official flight path of the plane that was thought to be flying through the 5 cut light poles and cutting a dent in the generator trailer its roof, just before impact.

But Penny Elgas, Christine Peterson and Vin Varayanan did tell their reporters, that they stood in a traffic jam in the center lane of Route 27, while standing in front of the concrete landing pad of the Pentagon Heliport, when the plane flew over them.
That OFFICIALLY ENDORSED plane could NOT have flown OVER them. P E R I O D.

posted on Jun, 24 2015 @ 07:17 PM
If you are searching for lots of explanatory videos, pictures and text regarding my conclusions on the North of CITGO flight path, you REALLY should take the time to read my whole thread's page 1 :
TITLE : The Generator-trailer its cabin roof-gouge is made by a NoC flying AA 77.

One of the many, a picture speaks a thousand words, 9 NoC witnesses in there as yellow dots :

RR (Roosevelt Roberts at the east loading dock at the border of the south parking),
Levi (lane 1, south parking),
Probst (footpath along Route 27);
Sean Boger (inside second floor of the Heliport tower),
Steve Riskus (on the south bound lane Route 27, just before exit lane to Columbia Pike),
Christine Stevenson, Perry Mason, Vin Narayanan and Penny Elgas, (all in front of the Heliport's concrete landing pad, standing in the center lane of Route 27)

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