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Ebola epidemic will not spread in US: Centers for Disease Control

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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 09:29 AM

The Ebola virus, which has caused a global health scare in recent days after spreading rapidly through parts of West Africa, is not a threat to the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.

In the latest outbreak of the Ebola virus, 729 people have been killed and 1,323 people have been infected across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization, or WHO, on Thursday sanctioned a $100 million plan to widen efforts to contain the virus' spread while the CDC announced it would send 50 people to assist in containment efforts, and issued a travel alert for West Africa, suggesting that nonessential people avoid travel to the region.

I hope they're right! However, I don't have much confidence in the CDC. They have been caught lying before.

With the federal government now firmly in the hands of their corporate bosses; I would expect most decision and proclamations to favor the increased business model; the taxpayers be damned.

Couple that with CDC ineptitude and I think there could be a very big problem with ebola in the US.

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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 09:43 AM

The air is safe to breath at ground zero.

You can keep your doctor.

We don't torture.

Were not spying on your phones.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 09:57 AM
I was also told that I could grow my singed ball hairs back but they never did.

On a serious note....................................yes it will.
The government does not want to panic an already overly armed America since weapon purchasing is over 200% since Bush.

All information is with held from Americans because the general public cannot handle the truth. I.E. the NSA spying scandal.

They are worried or else Obama wouldn't have signed an executive order to detain people with the symptoms.

There is plenty of ways this could spread but here is what will put it in perspective for all of you.

A business man has been spending almost 3 weeks in Africa and heard nothing of the Ebola. Yes, people not hearing about stuff does happen on a regular occurrence. This individual flies back to Georgia in less than a day. Doesn't really feel well on the plane...thinks maybe it is allergies. The sneezes on the plane and puts tissues in the pocket of the chair. Planes arrives and the passengers get off. Now, some viruses can last 24 hours in a type of environment like that. Stewardess for gets to wear gloves and reaches her hand in there; grabs the tissue. Possible spread. The infected individual sneezes again and touches the railing without first watching his hand. Since he was the last person off the plane the pilots are walking shortly behind him and do not notice the gentleman do that. One of the pilot brushes his hand down the railing at the same spot the gentleman touched after sneezing. Possible spread.

Now, this pilot could have the infection and travels the world.

Do you get it? It is a domino effect of stupidity. How easily does the flu spread because people do not stay home? How easily does a cold spread around because people do not stay home?
Stupidity is a disease that other diseases take advantage over. It goes hand and hand. And, it normally starts with the boss.

I worked at a pizza place once and the boss made me work with strep throat without gloves on.
Stupidity? I think majority of the world is.

Think about everything before writing off ebola. Underestimating the enemy can be dangerous...just ask Gaza

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 09:58 AM
I was looking at the Illuminati card game the other day and remembered one that said that maybe the CDC could be responsible for the release of a disease.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 09:59 AM
The Government lives in an Upside Down world

War is peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

"The Ministry of Truth" now says - Ebola epidemic will not spread.

Run to the Hills People
Run for your Life

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posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 10:10 AM
Airline travelers are not being screened for Ebola

World and U.S. health officials urge airline crews to isolate passengers who show symptoms of the Ebola virus if they have recently traveled to West African countries suffering an outbreak of the deadly disease.

But the World Health Organization isn't recommending screening airline passengers leaving the region of Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone. Screening is costly and detected few cases after an outbreak in 2003 of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, that began in China.

Sick people are urged not to travel. Because Ebola's incubation period is two to 21 days and early symptoms aren't specific, using thermal scanners to detect fevers is costly, unlikely to detect anyone infected with Ebola "and is not encouraged," according to the WHO.


posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 12:19 PM
It just keeps getting more weird. Adding a military component kicks this disease into a completely new level.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 12:54 PM
As i said before the cdc track record is not that great. Did they not just find vials of diseases in some fridge that they forgot about? They are humans you know and make mistake and lie just like any government agency..I refer the study on ufo where they said if the public knew it would cause mass hysteria and cause riots ect...Now you don't think it would be 10 times worse if they came out and said well yes its spreading in the us?

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 03:00 PM
Of course they are going to say it isn't going to spread in the U.S., they don't want anyone to panic. We have been lied to way too many times to believe much of anything anymore. There is indeed a potential that it could spread. We don't even know how many people were infected and didn't know it and traveled on planes. These people could be anywhere.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: switchqm8

think it was vials of small pox for what its worth and they tried to make it seem like no big deal

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: johngrissom

Ebola can live for several days at room temp. Influenza? 1-2. Also, infection is possible with as little as 1-10 organisms. That ability is extremely unusual amongst virii.

Hemorrhagic fevers scare the crap out of me.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 03:48 PM

Show me where the CDC came out and SAID this. The closest thing I've seen "them" say was through a mouthpiece who has retired from there. And the Department of State put out one memo saying, see CDC, yet they have made no official statements that I can find. If you have one, please link us.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 10:51 PM

originally posted by: ~Lucidity

Show me where the CDC came out and SAID this. The closest thing I've seen "them" say was through a mouthpiece who has retired from there. And the Department of State put out one memo saying, see CDC, yet they have made no official statements that I can find. If you have one, please link us.

posted on Aug, 3 2014 @ 05:20 AM
a reply to: olaru12
Not in the cards is fortune telling.

Frieden also said, ""Our role at CDC is to make sure that in the transportation and in the care, any risk of the infection to others is kept to the absolute minimum,"

There is a difference between saying we are controlling it and guaranteeing it will not spread. No one can guarentee that where humans are involved. Taking precautions so that it doesn't get a chance to spread is an entirely different thing than saying "it will not spread."

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