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2 American officers killed last night in Ukraine

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posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

some strange news came up today,

the kiev army was surrounded by the new russia army in Lugansk and what the kiev did? They surrender a group of polish military to the new russia!!! In exchange a clean path for the kiev army to move out!!!

Again there are no polish troops in Ukraine, so how can they surrender them. I thought this discussion was already had.

they also have some polish faces in photographs, if someone knows them... now they are prisoners, because Kiev surrender them.. lol

Those photographs are of this man... Jerzy Dziewulski.

And here if you want to know more about him...

This would be the reason he is in Ukraine...

I have experience in performing a physical and psychological battle with terrorists. I attended and personally guided liquidation 13 terrorist attacks also on board, guiding the 765 passengers of an obvious threat to life. Despite the fight against the use of weapons including, never no passenger was injured as a result of anti-terrorist activities. As the first in Poland introduced the principle shooting targets with pictures of natural human form, eliminating the shooting discs ring - patterns of these discs are used in anti-terrorist units today .

And the other man in the pic...

I have a personal "bodyguard", Aleksander Kwasniewski, as a candidate for president and for a time as President. Never Aleksander Kwasniewski has not been ridiculed hit some object, despite making such attempts by militants of the then opposition.

They aren't with the Polish Army or the Polish government, as they probably were asked to give his expertise as a way to battle the separatists/terrorists in the East.

But I see where your source is getting their info...

Under Canadian website

Why am I not surprised by this...
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