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Are lives lost in a downed plane more important than victims of other types of murder?

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posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 08:46 PM
We're not getting as much on MH17 in the US. For one thing, they haven't been highlighting the American victims. They've scarcely admitted there are American victims. I think this is because they know our government is too weak-willed to do much of anything about it. Heck, our own president couldn't even hardly get through a solemn statement about it without making jokes.

Second, as it pertains to Israel and Palestine, what else is new? Oh look, violence in the ME. That's always happening over there. When isn't there violence in the ME?

When you compare that story to the idea that someone shot down a loaded jet of civilians ... which story is more novel? Which one is more likely to grab the attention of the public especially when you start factoring in all the strange coincidences with MH370? As callous as it sounds, yes, for just about any editor in the world, Israel/Palestine is going to take a backseat to MH17.

Let's try looking at it this way: When you have a 5-year-old kid get shot to death in Chicago and a 5-year-old kid get kidnapped out her bedroom in the middle of small town America only to have her viciously mutilated body be found in some field somewhere a day or two later ... which of those two stories is more likely to get national media play? Really, you know which one, it'll be the little girl who gets taken out of her room. It isn't because she is more important than the little kid in Chicago. It's because her case is more rare and thus grabs the attention of people. Sadly, tragically, 5-year-olds get shot pretty much every day in Chicago and we all know it. That's news to no one.

So in this case, Israel/Palestine is the 5-year-old in Chicago and MH17 is the little girl in small town America.

posted on Jul, 19 2014 @ 10:18 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

ALL* life should be equally valuable.

There are some however feel they have govern ship over the lives of others.
And so take (innocent) lives as if no eternal rebalancing is required... with their spirit energy

And so the temp. time spent here (why in flesh manifest and sleep in spirit?) many demon strate the EXACT reason why their souls are kept sleep & further Overseen by energy they- from this perspective w/o SEEing their true reflections projected- would consider evol...


Yet they behave here in ways that attract it.

With that OP 1 understands your points spoken and some hidden that
are some stories covered more because social pyramid schemes of EA*RTH
tops generate influence on report data to generate revenues and so is
there any real intent using these VISUAL AUDIO SENSE affecting in mass
devices to relay sympathy or financial gain, deeper? to distract...

Your OPs possession of rhetorical questioning verifies your awareness of the things many may not.
To reiterate ALL* life should be equally valued
but this region of the universe is consume based in many ways sadly.
Whether its consummation
of flora/fauna or
consummation of
-religious gains
-further SPECIES overseeing / controlling - manipulating (soul spirit internal energy feeding maybe easier when sleep) but if attracted then... Those interacting here attract it

and so the weaknesses of man allow massive vulnerability. MANY observe this here & there.
AND SO MAN? What do the really want to do take certain species fails/ignorances into beyond?
being high tech dimensional paranormal bridges portals communications W/ benevolent or advanced cosmic travel and encounters W/ benevolent?
Or does IT really matter benevolent or malevolent 1 wonders...

w/o balanced its illogical in so many ways to gain grant ship beyond... 1 could imagine some doing whatever it took to prevent such ignorances to be granted beyond this current containment of HUMAN Soul/Spirit/Internal energies

MAY Even sleep illusion wake many to manipulate total reality until some mature because whats observed @ times here is absurd SPECIES SELF HATRED & it IS EMBARRASSING in so many ways.

1 wishes ALL* the families involved in murder-kills STRENGTH and HOPE that none of their growing generations become the new enforcers of the kill-murder programs of the species of which they may represent in attempt to revenge their LOVES LOST


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