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The Myth of the Unbeliever in Religious Nomenclature.

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 05:07 PM

originally posted by: Rex282
A name is not just a label.A name is the nature and character of the thing or person named.A name itself is a "name"because words are names.Atheist is a weak name on it's own because is doesn't fully illuminate a persons "name" and paints an incomplete picture of the person being named.A person has a myriad of reasons for their beliefs and that is what it all comes down to belief…perception by observation through experiences.

.The amalgamation of a persons experiences form their belief in faith of their Belief System religion.That is their "name".Their Belief System religion is the "nature of man….it is a name ALL of mankind wears prominently on their sleeve whether "they " believe it or not..Atheism is not"A religion" however it is religion(belief).When a person does not perceive of "God" they are atheist.However it is MUCH more layered than a statement...for example..

A person that can't perceive certain(or all) colors is a certain type of color blind.It doesn't make the person "good or bad" it is just one of their names.Most color blindness is genetic but some is caused by a damaged brain.With that type of color blindness the person has all of the receptors in the eye to "see" color but can't.None of the "color blind" are making a "choice" to not see is their nature to not see color.The reality about color is even those that "see" color it is still only perception.The fact is nothing is the color it "looks" like.It is only reflecting that color(s) it is in reality every color BUT that color…a sea of gray.The clinically color blind person is in one sense perceiving "color" much more closely to reality than the "clinically"color sighted person.

The reality is that color sighted people "learn" by experience what those colors are and give them names.The real reality is there are an infinite amount of "colors" to be perceived and there are an infinite amount of colors that can't be seen by even the most perceptive eye at all yet they do exist.In effect everyone is "real color" blind.

A person that cannot perceive God has not made a free will choice(because there is no such phenomena) to "not" believe in God they simply don't have the receptors or something in their brain is preventing them.Again this isn't a judgement it is their nature.They are like the genetic or brain damaged color blind that have many degrees of color blindness each unique to the persons perception.

I do agree just like many "names" atheist has become a "derisive "name.It could be compared to 'n-word' which in it's root means black or dark.There is a reason this "name" calling effects people so much(positively and negatively and sometimes both simultaneously) because it is a box.One of a boxes purpose is something to keep things in.It can protect them help organize or have a multitude of purposes.A derisive name effects the namer as much (if not more) as the named.

When something or someone has a "name" it proceeds them.It is in effect judgment…again both positive and negative or both.The name can be true or false(and no I'm not latently postulating dualism).The "naming" of things effects everything we do even if it isn't said.When your "perception" of a things "nature and character" is not true then you have changed it's name.That can have very disastrous results.If you perceive a gun as an apple the results will not be beneficial if you are hungry and all you see is an apple.

This "naming" of things is something mankind just "does".Most of it is subconscious because it all comes back to mankinds "base" nature…religion.All of a persons experiences form their Belief System(BS) religion which is "how" they perceive their life in this "world".Everyones experiences do not originate with the person.There were a multitude of causes and effects so much so that it is impossible to link any of them to the person as being the originator.It is the amalgamation of ALL of those experiences (that were caused by other experiences)that form your life and your name(s).

A person doesn't "become" themselves overnight" it is cumulative.It is a slow painstaking evolving process that is impossible to observe the causes and effects to sum the equations.There may be BIGGGER "perceived"events that shape a new sum however many causes and effects preceded it.

If there was a way man wouldn't "watch"(observe) their "pot boil"their "life" would be very different.The act of observation actually changes the result.Quantum physics has "observed" this phenomena(the double slit experiment) that makes no sense in relation to the "reality" man lives in.The downside is there is no way to "know" what the result of the observation will be…man lives in a box called "observation"…judgment…giving things names.They perceive everything in the box.Nothing can be perceived outside the box because man "lives" inside their box of perception.So in effect ALL of mankinds perception through observation of what is "named" God is false(God blindness) so ALL of mankind are atheist.

This God blindness has many forms.The main group(and smallest) are those that can't perceive of God at all.They are what are typically "named" atheist.It is not in their nature or character to "believe" in God.It isn't just "one" condition it is as many people that are natural atheist.The larger group "believe " in a God but they are God blind also.Their perception is false.They "see" their God in a multitude of colors that are only "reflecting" what they believe "their God" is.

The most reasonable thing to do would be to drop the whole name calling game of perceived judgement…on both sides of the fence.A God believer will NEVER convince a non God believer to change their name and vice versa.If a non believer comes to believe it is their own delusion ….not someone else's. Personally I could care less what someone believes.It can't change or help me one bit.I am me and you are not me and you are you and you are not me and never will the twain meet.That doesn't mean I have to "like" ANYONES Belief System( which I don't).They are all false with some more whacked out false than others.If you are a believer or non believer I'll figure it out however more importantly if you are an asshole I'll figure that out.I prefer not to be around an asshole.

You think of me as blind, and I think of you as delusional. Guess that makes us even.
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