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Bergdahl could get 350k tax free, if cleard by Army

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 04:00 PM

originally posted by: tsingtao

originally posted by: Krazysh0t

originally posted by: wutang717
a reply to: Krazysh0t

If you leave your Job and never come back, do you still get paid? So how is he going to be paid when found as a deserter?

Hell the fact that this guy can walk around freely with someone 'just' watching is awful enough, only a matter of time until he is found out as a try-to-be Taliban, WHAT THAN???!!???

What I'm pissed about is that he'll get the money for DOING THIS ON HIS OWN, if he wins you will see tons and tons of soldiers trying to do this just to get a payday.

You don't know how the military works do you? When you sign up, you sign a contract. You cannot be fired from the job and the only way to leave is to be discharged. Otherwise, you are on duty and drawing a paycheck. So while this guy was a POW, he was earning a paycheck. Also keep in mind, it hasn't been determined if he deserted or not. So to claim that he is guilty before even getting a trial isn't very fair. Instead of internet juroring, how about you let the military determine his guilt?

really? can't be fired?

There is stupid and then there is simply absurd. The Obama administration is sending pink slips to troops while they’re serving in a war zone.

Some of those Majors and Captains will be retiring, most will be getting separation pay, and more will be transferring to the Reserves (there is a O-4/O-3 shortage). They'll be off active duty by April 2015. They have a good 10 months or so to transition. I imagine some will go to work for those "evil" private contractor companies that everyone likes to vilify.

As for Bergdahl, how about let's let due process run it's course? People on here constantly scream about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due Process and all that. Then they turn around and want to see Bergdahl hanging from the nearest tree, typical ATS hypocrisy.

Like him or hate him, Bergdahl deserves the same due process as anyone else.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 08:25 PM

originally posted by: FlyersFan

originally posted by: milomilo
why would you call Afghani freedom fighters criminal ?

Because that's what they are. Mafia type criminals.
That info comes directly from their victims. MUSLIM victims.
You didn't even read the information.

Haqqani Network Information

They also receive funds from extortion, kidnappings and smuggling operations throughout eastern Afghanistan.[11] In an interview a former Haqqani commander called the extortion "the most important source of funding for the Haqqanis."[53] According to a tribal elder in Paktia, "Haqqani's people ask for money from contractors working on road construction. They are asking money or goods from shopkeepers… District elders and contractors are paying money to Afghan workers, but sometimes half of the money will go to Haqqani's people.

it is really heartbreaking to see an american who think that taliban is 'drug dealing mafia'.. it is only the standard US propaganda trying to ruin the enemy's honor by creating false rumors..

There are criminal elements in afghanistan and then there are the real holy warriors the taliban freedom fighters. Please separate these elements as they are different in philosophy and goal.

Many afghani prefer the taliban rule as they bring peace and rule in the chaotic afghan. The current afghan puppet goverment cannot anything without US permission and they are disliked and hated by rural afghans..

Bergdahl realized this and thus he loath the killing of innocents that was done by his squad. Anyone with a shred of conscience left in his heart would also do the same with bergdahl. You can't live and fight with a group of murderers and killers and still keep your mind sane..

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