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The last rem sleep dream that I remember

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 08:09 PM
Was 21 years ago, the odd thing was my first 20 years of life it was a regular thing for me, waking up after an intense vivid dream.
Just figured I would relay it here and see what folks think..

I was on a camping trip with most of my friends, it was in Ocala National Forest (most likely that's where we always went) we were late getting to the cabin so the sun was starting to set while we were on the trail, but we knew the way so nobody seemed to worried at the time. We came upon these metal hoops laying flat on the ground, if you stepped in the middle they came up on one side slapping your leg.. for some reason this made me extremely paranoid so I slowed down and carefully picked my way through the hoops while the rest of my friends said they would see me at the cabin, it was around this time that I heard a wolf howling in the distance. (yes I knew then that there were no wolves in Florida)

I finally reach the clearing the cabin was in as the final rays of sunlight color the sky and the first thing I notice as I get closer is a friend kneeling next to a tree with his back to me, I run up to make sure he was ok. As I got to him I noticed 2 things immediately the smell of blood and the gash running from ear to ear across his throat. Gagging I stumbled away to throw up and that's about the time I realized it was to quiet, the howling had stopped when I reached the clearing. Running to the front door I throw It open and I am confronted with another horrible scene a second friend on his knees back to a closet door without his head but blood running out from under the door.

Heading into the living room I find another friend on the floor face down behind the couch in a pool of blood, continuing into the kitchen to find still another friend sitting at the kitchen table with her head sitting on the table in front of her. Going down the hallway in the first room I find my last two friends on the trip in bed holding hands both throats cut, I turn around and step back into the hallways fully intent on running away when I am knocked out.

Upon waking I am tied to a table a man is standing over me with a knife in hand (as much detail as I remembered about the dream I have no clue what he looked like) before I could say or do anything he plunged the knife into my stomach, at this point I heard the wolves once more and the last thing I remember before waking was him pulling my intestines out.

Now here is the last odd bit about this, I rolled off my bed during this nightmare, and then rolled underneath the bed without waking.

Now I managed to marry a nice Pagan girl many years later and she has had me reading up on shamanism and she is convinced that the wolves were guardians trying to wake me, and since this event closed off that part of my psyche to protect me. She believes in part because of the constant sounds from the dream, the fact I have been eye ball to eye ball with a wolf while hunting. (I don't know for sure, but it does bring some comfort so I don't question it.

This is the first time I have mentioned this dream to anyone besides my wife, so feel free to dissect it.. like I said this was the last deep sleep dream that I remember, I occasionally get snippets of dreams as I wake up... but in 21 years I have not had any sort of vivid deep sleep dreams like I used to have.

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