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The 1986-7 Presidio of San Francisco "Satanic Abuse" Scam

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posted on Jun, 23 2014 @ 07:36 AM

originally posted by: Happy1
a reply to: maquino

Just wondering if you knew George Fox in West Des Moines?

No, I do not know the name, and have never been to Iowa.

posted on Mar, 29 2016 @ 03:20 PM
This is nothing more than an obvious attempt to ply propaganda
on the uninformed.

The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry wrote an extensive
analysis of the 60 children who were abused at the Presidio Day
Care Center. Children were found to have vaginal discharge, genital
soreness, rashes, fear of the dark, sleep disturbances, nightmares,
genital lesions, sexually provocative language, and sexually
inappropriate behavior. 3 of the children were diagnosed with
sexually transmitted diseases! When children between the ages
of 1 to 5 years old are diagnosed with such a horrible thing,
ONLY sexual abuse can be the cause.

In addition, the children were exhibiting other radical
changes in behavior, including temper outbursts, sudden
mood shifts, and poor impulse control.

Only madman would try to disguise the FACTS, facts where
hundreds of parents sought redress against the Military.
I suppose all of these parents and the children were all lying.
How absurd is it to think hundreds of parents and very small
children all lied and were involved in some sort of conspiracy
against a Military day care center?

THE VICTIMS, and their parents know the truth about these
nefarious cultist.
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posted on Apr, 22 2016 @ 11:07 AM

originally posted by: maquino

originally posted by: Murgatroid
Also see the Franklin Scandal documentary which was pulled from TV just days before it was to air. "Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity. Aquinio, alleged to have recently retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an Army psychological warfare section which drew on his 'expertise' and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder." - The Franklin Cover-up, page 328

Utter nonsense, and about par for the course for the sort of people who still try to push their "SRA" sex fantasies on others.

Concerning the Franklin "SRA" scam, I never looked into it, but a Grand Jury did:

Many Rumors Are Debunked In Report; Three Are Indicted
- by Robert Dorr and Gabriella Stern
World-Herald Staff Writers

Omaha World-Herald
Omaha, Nebraska
Wednesday, July 25, 1990, Edition 6, Page #1

A Douglas County grand jury Tuesday called the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union child sexual-abuse allegations a "carefully-crafted hoax".

The grand jury's report said the hoax was "scripted by a person or persons with considerable knowledge of the people and institutions of Omaha ..."

While not specifically saying who planned the hoax, the report was critical of some state officials and others who made or supported the child sexual-abuse accusations.

The grand jury said blame must fall on three young people who accused prominent Omahans of sexual misconduct. Two have recanted their original stories, and the third was indicted Tuesday on charges of lying to the grand jury.

The grand jury said "rumormongers" spread much gossip and misinformation.

It said "many in the community both spread and received the gossip" and named three people in particular - part-time Omahan and fired Boys Town employee Michael Casey, Kirsten Hallberg, and Bonnie Cosentino, who were active in the Concerned Parents group.

The grand jury criticized Gary Caradori, the Franklin legislative committee investigator killed in a plane crash July 11, saying he was "duped into working with Casey".

The grand jury said the three young adults who alleged they had been sexually abused as minors were motivated by the prospect of selling their story.

One of the three, James Daniel "Danny" King, 20, became involved in the Caradori interviews at the suggestion of Troy Boner, 23, the other man who claimed at first he had been sexually abused, the grand jury said.

"It is the grand jury's finding that Danny King became involved in the video story at the suggestion of Boner solely for the purpose of corroboration of allegations made by [Alisha] Owen.

"After repeatedly telling Caradori that the events did not take place, Danny King was still persuaded to corroborate [Miss] Owen's story," the grand jury said.

Later, when Boner and King testified before the grand jury, they recanted the stories they had told Caradori, the report said.

Miss Owen, 21, an inmate at the Nebraska Center for Women at York, had accused former Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman of sexual misconduct with her when she was a teenager. The grand jury indicted her on eight counts of lying to the grand jury.

Wadman, now police chief in Aurora, Illinois, was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Another person indicted was Alan Baer, 67, former owner of the J.A. Brandeis and Sons department store chain. He was charged with two felony counts of paying or compensating men to perform sexual acts.

The grand jury said, however, that it found "no direct connection" between Baer and Lawrence E. King, Jr. or the Franklin Credit Union, other than limited social and business dealings. King was the credit union's top executive.

The third indictment charged Paul A. Bonacci, 22, an inmate at the Lincoln Correctional Center, with three counts of lying to the grand jury.


Miss Owen's "motivation was to obtain a reduced prison sentence, or more comfortable conditions, and to collect money for her story or from civil litigation," the report said.

The grand jury added: "We think that [Miss] Owen might have been sexually abused during her early years, but not by the people and in the way she has alleged."

The grand jury didn't say how many of its members had voted to indict. Each of the three indictments required at least 12 votes among the 16 grand jurors. The grand jury's proceedings were secret.

The grand jury said the legislature's Franklin committee had "hidden agendas" in pursuing the sexual-abuse allegations. Committee Chairman Loran Schmit has been "politically irresponsible" in some of his statements, the grand jury said.


The entire article and its follow-up are too extensive to reprint here; anyone who'd like .pdfs of them is welcome to email me.

As for Mr. Bonacci, I know nothing about him, but apparently the Grand Jury did; see the mention of him in the article.

Nor have I spent any time on the Gosch business, but everything I've heard about it suggests just one more of the same kind of scam. Anyone else who wants to discuss it is welcome to, but I'm not interested.

lol wut?

That's one of the craziest things I've read! It's just one !? after another.... No elaboration, motives, nothing ... just this: "The grand jury said the legislature's Franklin committee had "hidden agendas" in pursuing the sexual-abuse allegations. Committee Chairman Loran Schmit has been "politically irresponsible" in some of his statements, the grand jury said."

They conclude there's no systematic abuse in the UK by 84 cases? LMFAO Getdafukouttaeh. It's common knowledge with the Scotland Yard something crazy's going on around there.

And crap like this: "Miss Owen, 21, an inmate at the Nebraska Center for Women at York, had accused former Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman of sexual misconduct with her when she was a teenager. The grand jury indicted her on eight counts of lying to the grand jury." Guy, if a woman claimed such a thing around here that officer would be put on leave until something was verified, the woman wouldn't get instacharged with lying lol, and why are all these people inmates?

The lead investigator dies in a plane crash? Really? Don't these #ers have better ways to kill people? It's just, common and uninspired. If it's no plane crashes, suicides by bullet wound to back of head, heart attacks ... it's always something even less entertaining, like an OD. Tell your buddies to try harder.
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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 07:31 PM
I was serving in the Army at the Presidio when this happened. Was on night detail, hiding in bushes wearing black camo, trying to catch whoever was setting fire to the child care buildings (they were akin to trailers, just inside the front entrance of the Presidio). We believed someone was trying to burn down whatever building contained all the records for the children or other evidence. I was inadvertently responsible for a civilian co-worker getting hauled away for a day of questioning as it turns out. oops.

But I knew the fellow fairly well, and his was one of the children that was abused. I firmly believe that there was abuse in that case, and some of it was odd.. not your normal types of abuse. The children attested to being subjected to rituals, including being urinated on, eating feces, etc. There was proof of sexual abuse, and I firmly believe something sordid and wicked occurred.

Scam? I don't think so. Is Aquino innocent? Again.. I don't think so. I was surprised he was invited to ATS to start dialogue to be honest. I think some folks are drawn to him because of his intelligence and clever manipulation. Being a smart fellow doesn't make you an innocent one.

posted on Jun, 18 2019 @ 04:18 AM
a reply to: maquino

For a novice, would liber null and the psychonaut be a good starting point for entering the field of the occult.

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