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Have you ever seen mutilated cattle?

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posted on May, 27 2003 @ 07:30 PM
When I say mutilated, I mean of unusual means.
Such as:
1) Strange lights seen around the time it happened.
2) The animal was mutilated prefectly or close to that.
3) The mutilation was not explainable.

So you must get the picture.

So here's mine)
About two years ago, I was walking in a pasture with some friends up a hill to the ruins of a church. After we finished looking around we headed down. On our way down we found a dead calf. It didn't just die there, it was missing pieces. The calf was just missing its tongue, groin, eyes, a chunk of the meat around the invertebrate, and its anus. What seemed odd to me was it wasn't bitten anywhere. Its eye sockets were still there and intact but without the eyes. It didn't have ripped up flesh where it had open spots either. My friends just walked by it and didn't say anything because they just thought it was attacked by coyotes or something. But when I saw it I thought about mutilation reports saying about the same thing. I didn't say anything and moved on.

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