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The Heroes We’ve Forgot

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 12:11 AM
It’s almost Memorial Day and our country has not,
A thought for the sacrifices made by the heroes forgot.
Our leaders are failing us and our brethren are dying,
We scream with our voices, our insides are crying.
We must feel ashamed, and we all must be blamed,
For our heroes are dying, and this is no fricking game.
The terrorists at GITMO live comfortable by the bay,
While heroes die in long waits at the VA.
Our President speaks and says he is mad,
But what little action there has to be had.
No politician cares just one bit,
As long as there here, and not in the #.
Who cares of the sacrifices that allow us to live so free,
As long as illegal’s get to live amongst the free.
How long will this go on? For we know it is wrong.
When will this country wake up and say, enough is enough; let’s start a brand new day.
One where our heroes will get what they deserve, And our enemies will fear us, for in every thought and every nerve.
This is saddening and shameful that things have come this far,
The never ending sorrow can be felt from near and far.
So what will we do, will we scream for action? Or will we sit back and feed another distraction.
Our heroes deserve what they’ve fought hard to earn,
We must demand action, from all sides and a faction, for this issue gathers us all.
We must not forget the fallen; they’ve given everything to us.
The least we can do is raise a huge fuss. For the fallen would not hesitate to do it for us.
I appeal to all to get more involved, and tell our leaders this is no ball.
Let’s take some action, and do what’s right, It’s the least we can do after their terrible fight.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 12:20 AM
a reply to: usmc0311

If u wrote this you have talent that shouldnt be wasted

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 10:39 AM
a reply to: usmc0311

Very good


p.s.-I love m.c. Escher ... Cool avatar
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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 11:43 AM
It was a good poem. However, the sad reality is the ALL americans who have died since the beginning of the 20th century has been an utter waste. An utter waste. I appreciate their sacrifice, but what were they fighting for? What were they dying for? It was NOT for the Constitution. It was not for our "freedoms." It was not for the Declaration. No, they were puppets.

And the original poster is as much a puppet as the sheep in the military waiting for their slaughter. "our enemies will fear us." Buddy, buddy, buddy, America should NOT have any enemies. How foolish could you utterly be?

None of our soldiers, and this is the cold, hard truth of it, have died for a good reason. They died for the aristocrats. They died for greed. They died for corruption. Sure, they were too stupid to realize they were fighting AGAINST the Constitution, and they foolishly made their sacrifice in what they thought was the "right" thing, but at the end of the day, they were still wrong. America is wrong. America has been wrong since 1776 (when the words of the Declaration were signed and the slaves were not set free).

I did mourn the Fallen yesterday, and I am one of the few that drives around with flags flying out of my car, but that does not change the fact that their sacrifice was a utter waste. And if God exists, I assure you, they are tasting the sweet flames of Hell.

Some of your poem was correct. We need to start a new day. We need to build a country where NONE are our enemies.

You do sound like one of those fools who would probably answer "Why do Muslims hate us" with the puppet reply of "because of our freedom." NO! Muslims do not hate us because of our "freedom." They hate us because we are DESECRATING their Holy Book and making a mockery out of Allah. Did you just get Iran's newest memo that jihad (which is what Allah demands) will continue until America is no more? And from the hogwash you wrote in your poem, I can see why they want us to fall.

So the question goes out to all soldiers and all americans, what do you want to fight for? Hubris? Or the Constitution? Then GET THE EFF OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES! (Of course, if we want to put an end to the horrific practice of female genital mutilation that would be in-keeping with the Constitution...but, oh wait, they don't have any oil for us....)

America bless you and the fallen, because if the Biblical God is real, God won't be.

EDIT: I am short on time to revise what I wrote before. I oft have this problem of being too blunt.

I very much support ALL soldiers, both Our enemies and Our patriots. I do strongly detest War since often one side is wrong, and in this case, since 1900, America has been wrong. No longer have Our brave men and women been fighting for the Constitution, and that makes my blood boil that so many have laid in pieces...and for what? Take a look at America. Is this a country that you can truly say you are proud of?

But anyone who has lost a loved one, I commemorated them yesterday. And I hate to boast, but I donated over $200 to Fallen and Veteran Foundations. $200 might not sound like a lot, but I am on welfare, and I am in debt of $100,000 for legal fees, and I have also served in the military.

I just wish that Our soldiers were fighting for the Declaration, were fighting for the War to end all wars, were fighting for good, but America has fallen far short of that. Of course, that is not the soldiers' fault, but I do hold them accountable for being so blind. Especially soldiers, when you die, you have the unfortunate pleasure of finding out what the after-life is like, and if any of the world's religious Books hold any truth to them, I fear the worst for the after-life for Americans and Europeans.

I have pledged my Life, my Fortunate, and my Sacred Honor to the Declaration and Constitution, and I have even ended up in jail for doing so, and I might end back in jail for continuing to do so. And if the United States Military was actually defending the Constitution, I would still be proudly serving.

Unfortunately, at this time, World War III is inevitable, and lots of good blood will be spilled, and for what? and for who? Surely, not for the Constitution or We the People...

I do pray that Our soldiers will open their eyes and realize that this government is now "terroristic." And Our soldiers have taken an Oath to defend us from terrorists. Well, American soldiers, defend us from the government! Honor your Oath.

But God bless all those, who although foolishly fought against the Constitution, still gave their lives.
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