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Tupac's final words revealed

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(post by ImaFungi removed for a manners violation)

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 09:53 AM

originally posted by: buster2010
a reply to: Scotscorps84

Write any connection between Puff and Biggie right out of the equation, they weren't and aren't killers .

Anyone can become a killer. They just have to believe in their mind they are doing the right thing.

i don't disagree with your statement at all but given the context of the situation I have to say they are certainly not involved in the slightest.

The whole west coat east coast war that the media hyped was basically Tupac going at Biggie and not much else. Biggie or Puff never really responded to any of the threats or violence put their way by Tupac. Tupac spoke at the MTV awards of Deathrow East. He was also reportedly about to work with Nas. It sounds good to say there was a gang war between 2 fueding lables but when you listen to or watch interviews the east coast wondered why shots were even being taken at them. Prodigy from Mobb Deep is quoted as saying he was never really a Tupac fan until the record "Hit Em Up" which threatend him and his peers from the east coast. Biggie also attended the hospital before Tupac past away. Bad Boy never did want any part of a coast v coast war nor did they or anyone connected to them kill tupac. Biggie regarded Tupac as a friend the whole thing had him like WTF Ive seen interviews where it's clear tha
t he's upset that a former friend has turned on him.

To Liejunkie.
I never denied that, tupac was rare at the time. speaking on racial equality and the distribution of wealth and education while playing out his many roles. Talented actor, motivational speaker, Criminal Thug Rapper, Businessman, Aspiring to become a lable owner himself. Devoted son and member of his family. Finger in many pies in an era where Will Smith was the only multi dimensional african american accepted by TPTB through quincy jones.

Tupac was romantically involved with Quincy's daugher and he had spoken to Quincy about alot of future projects.
One thing I heard from Professor X of Public Enemy fame is that Tupac was killed because he refused to take part in a sexual ritual with Quincy Jones to become part of the Illuminati and that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are Bixsexual partner swapping members of the same sect. Sounds out there to me. BUUUUUT in the book Hiding in Hiphop which is about the hidden homosexual entertainers within the rap industry (the guy doesnt mention people by name probably to avoid lawsuits) he hints on exactly the same thing! Also LL Cool J used to force Fabolous to give him oral sex for studio time. This was rumour around the industry at the time also referenced by Canibus in his diss to LL "what if they rumours about you being a f**got are true?"

Hiphop has alot of interesting stories, myths, conspiracies and fables hidden within it if you delve into it.

Oh hiphop police also states that they have artists on the payroll that feed them information via song lyrics. 50 Cent was accused of this giving out info on drug lords in NY on the track Ghetto Koran

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 01:59 AM
I think Tupac was a great artist when it came to his particular brand of music. He may have been trying to get a message across, but I still think he was highly immature and these final words are evidence of that. Anyone who will judge a person they don't even know just because of their profession, and because there are less than savory characters working in that field, does not have things figured out. I can sit behind my keyboard and talk about the horrible things cops have done, and what is wrong with the system in general, but I am not deluded enough to believe that every single police officer is a bad person or commits crimes. A normal person would not insult someone they don't even know for no reason. If I had to guess I would say his "message" promoted more animosity and violence than it did to help people.

Hating cops is just dumb. Hating bad cops makes more sense. People thought Tupac knew what he was talking about because of his confident delivery and stardom. People are, biologically speaking, more apt to listen to confident people. And some of what he said was definitely right. But like I said, he did just as much damage as he did to open peoples' eyes, at least in my opinion.

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 02:17 AM
a reply to: JiggyPotamus

I can agree with what you say, but

He was dying freaking out and all the cop said to him was, "who did this".

Now this might not seem like much of an issue to most people, but for someone who, and I am assuming here, is not a snitch and has a disregard for the authorities is not going to tell a police officer who shot him.

I mean it's not like he could have had a conversation with him, he had to muster out those two words.

I'm not saying what he said is the right thing to say but he was in shock and it was his way of saying he wasn't going to tell him who did it.

posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 09:47 PM
This came out at this time so they can add things in for the masses to keep believing the lie or some other alternative that is a lie, and to add some things for the people who know what happened.

The things for the masses to keep believing the lie is that Suge was wounded. But, note how it was odd how Suge had full mental control and energy, the cop didn't know how that could be. Well it is because that is the cover up - Suge was not really wounded because a small glass cut on the back of his neck.

All Suge was doing before the cop opened the door to Pac was trying to stall the cop, as strangely he was charging him, to the point of the cop pulling a gun on Suge? Why was Suge distracting so much?

When the cop opened the door to Pac immediately Suge yelled at Pac, repeatingly calling out his name as if he wasn't giving him a change to talk. Pac was trying to get the words out - To Suge!

This is why they - can teach you about a group of people - and the whole time you cannot identify those people are the same group they say they are!

This is why they will go as far as to tell you the truth, because they know that the masses are too dumb to listen and understand me, or them in telling the truth.

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