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A couple of my poems.

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posted on May, 21 2014 @ 02:07 AM
Here are a few, title-less poems I have written.
These were copied from my facebook page, usually i share them on there but i figure what better place than ATS?
Please, tell me what you think of them.

What will it take to make your mind shake? All of the lives that are currently at stake? The children witness crimes that horror writers can not fake? Or innocent crimes getting peoples lifestyle taken away?

What on this earth will be your last straw? The one that pulls wool from over you all. I know for some it will be the US martial law, they are out of control that's how empires fall.

No one man can change the world, but a herd of people can make the world. What manner of things is this which i speak? Ill get to the point, its time to be bleak.

Marijuana, the herb, the fruit of your life. The big man, he took it, the people are in strife. The States they are changing their own laws, the feds, they are now grasping at straws. Finally when we all change our minds, the federal government will say "Kiss your ass goodbye"

I ask you to be ready, change your mind, when the war is all over we will be better than fine. I don't want violence, i only want peace, but do you honestly think they will let us be free? Freedom is too much to ask for these days, they would rather us all die in a fiery blaze.

The earth now is crying " My climate, its changed! Barium sulfate flows through my veins! " We must stop all of these crazy things before Barium sulfate ends up in our graves. The children, they want things to be so okay, even newborns now awake in a daze.

The tv and news, they are all full of lies, they are processed, programed, and photo analyzed. What purpose you ask are all of these crimes? Big brother he wants to keep us in line. No, with him around, you will never be fine.

We don't have much time left, many can see. But for those of you who are blind, follow WE.
(note; when this was written i couldn't remember if barium sulfate was the correct type of barium)

Tomorrow, Yesterday, Today. 3rd dimensional perception this way.
Solid, liquid, and gas, These properties simply won't last.
Light, dark, and midway, Different measurements of the same thing.
Brown, Blue, and Green, Colors that are not truly seen.
Eyes, ears, and mouth, This perception to you is devout.

I now live in doubt, due to glimpses I've seen without.
Rules that we live by right now, can be defied someway, somehow.
The mind that we own is the key, for all perception is inside of we.
What you think in your heart and soul, becomes part of the grand whole.

Matter is nothing to me, it matters not in the grand scheme.
Nuclear bonds are defied, Thermodynamics goodbye.
Sadly you cant see my thoughts, if you could id be better off.
Alone I shall sit in my head, till telepathy becomes a thread.

All things are possible, I see.
If only I could be we.
You are just as me.
Why is it you wish to not be?

We try to be different, which makes us the same.
We try to be different, except the "insane".
We try to be different, but we are all just brains.
We try to be different, as if life is a thing.

Each passing moment, closer to death.
Why do I waste time muttering this under my breathe?
I do it on hope, a powerful thing, that someone, somewhere will feel something.

Love is the greatest thing in the world, if all would just show it we would be not in peril.
Simple matters bring war, for oil and gas.
Gold, silver, platinum, can kiss my ass.
I'm ready to go, I've finished my song.
One last thing, Can we just get along?

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 02:12 AM
Here is a song as well, again, please tell me what you think.

New beginnings till the end most of us pretend, Till the day comes crashing downward then we shall defend.

Waste, Ruin, Rebirth.

The rise of Aquarius is finally near!
Hear the universe cry out in fear!
The sound of heartbeats singing clear!

Cleanse, Sweat, Tear.

When the stars rain down...
We will all stand here and now.
To meet our fate as a whole race.

We must...Face the ultimate evil!
This evil is people!
We are dawning a new age!

Fear, Pain, Courage.

The rise of Aquarius is here!

Wicked peoples last breathe breathing down eachother's broken necks, Good will come through in the end that is what has always been.

Run, Hide, Repent.
Quickly before there is nothing left

posted on May, 21 2014 @ 12:08 PM

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