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i've been working on this music for a while, free downloads

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posted on May, 18 2014 @ 10:52 PM
from the title of the topic you'd think i was working on a song slowly for the past year, maybe an album, maybe two. well i'm pleased to disappoint you, and you may be pleasantly disappointed.

i am alien perspective, my perspective is alien to the masses. this is conspiracy documentary hip hop, mixed with anime, game, and movie soundtrack sampled beats. everything i could find at the time on the particular subject. not everything is right, you need critical thinking skills, but i tried to tell it correctly. remember that this is an alien perspective to the masses.

i could never get copyrights to all this material, so don't ask lol. i have some big official release planned along with a website, and even remastering and remixing. but the necessary milestones are taking too long and people need this kinda stuff, so no more sitting on it waiting for some arbitrary and tentative release date, it needs ears to get into.

here is the album "police encounter survival"
www.mediafire... . com/?5ge7bs2p7j0i65o
the most urgent album

here is the album "the art of war"
www.mediafire... . com/?5vczbav2o560x8a
the most useful album

here is the album "money"
www.mediafire... . com/?rbmm5w1edb0047g pt 1
www.mediafire... . com/?w9kk5wipqif66gz pt 2
www.mediafire... . com/?hky3yg1a7kqjrm3 pt 3
a ridiculous travesty

here is the album "the law"
www.mediafire... . com/?hn6m5pe8nap8559
aka - codes, acts, and statutes, not laws

here is the album "problem, reaction, solution"
www.mediafire... . com/?dn5jj29ejj9s5f0
the key to controlling everyone

these are direct cloud storage links and i'm not making any money from them, nor do i want any. many more will come and are already planned, some already in the works. there are covers for every album, with all credits from all samples, but they have my website on them and i don't want it snatched up from under me causing annoying photoshop work on my part. maybe i'll edit this post later n put them up with the address blacked out, if enough of you yell at me for procrastinating, but for now only music.


as a hip hop producer i make both sampled beats and original works of carefully crafted art. i have no time for sample clearance on the mountains of samples i use so i release my sampled music for free, and with actual world changing knowledge over it. i'm like immortal technique if he couldn't flow, except i'm exceptional at the spit game also.

my hand-crafted beats can be found on youtube, where i welcome everyone to subscribe and freely use any beat there, though there are stipulations, like if you're not making money from it all i want is a link for the listeners back to my channel, and if you are making money from it then i want a cut, or no dice. that's all.

my independently produced instrumentals
youtube . com/indiementals

i also make remixes of old and new hip hop songs that are completely insane. no matter what if you're into hip hop you'll find something to listen to with me. keep checking back too because i got months of back-stock, sickeningly dope and just waiting to be dropped. i stay in the lab.

for this area of my artistry i'm open to collaborations, so if you got some fire, i got some fire, let's get it.


gentlemen start your hatin. as tmro would say, don't leave any comments you wouldn't say to someone face-to-face. these topics aren't for everyone, i may f*ck your day up.

i may not be here too much so be kind if you haven't heard from me, i tend to be like ol' dirty in my attendance style, but it's because i got very many projects going on atm. thanks in advance... or screw you in advance lol.

here's a bonus for ats that no one else may ever hear
www.mediafire... . com/?3zu0wvb30cv6x
28 wu-tang remixes, using samples.

edit on 18-5-2014 by unstoppability because: fixing links

posted on May, 18 2014 @ 11:12 PM
My Internet Explorer won't handle it. (shrugs shoulders)

posted on May, 18 2014 @ 11:34 PM
a reply to: unstoppability

If you don't have copywrites for the material, then this post is probably going to get removed. Technically you're distributing copywrited material, even if it's modified. I don't know why you thought that would be allowed....

posted on May, 19 2014 @ 03:33 AM
a reply to: Aedaeum
maybe because distributing copyrighted material is legal if it's for educational purposes. and i'm not selling it. and i let everyone know that it was copyrighted. thank you though.

and for anyone that's new to this whole hacked links thing, you have to type in the website mediafire, then the dot com, then copy the slash and what comes after it. i didn't think sharing my art would be a problem.

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