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Do you think they are monitoring you?

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 06:47 PM
a reply to: infoseeker26754

The kinds of things that the 1% fear and that "the masses" fear are very different, in my opinion.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 07:34 PM
a reply to: Meteoritic

Depending on what actual Fear is to some; mostly it's the small stuff we tend to follow anyways. Now if say one wants to get deeper and go the hard way. Most consider the though not worth even thinking about less bring up New Fears to ponder.

Take this small test and see if it bypasses Death Itself. If God Himself can send the Watcher to watch their Children to everlasting Hell. Why does a Human consider that His Very Own Soul is Everlasting? Not one person wants to have a life of Hell, Pain nor Sorrow, Yet it happens!

So say your at the 99%, at the very Low End of it anyways. You still find that some are Happy with what they have. Sure some might Want to see something different, yet Inside Themselves ALL is just Fine. They actually Live In Hell, have no food and War is Everyday!

Here in the US, most do not have a clue what goes on elsewhere so can not relate but what they hear on the News and we all know Thats A Joke! Okay, I'll give say 1% of what Truth is really Out There Happening Now. So the US decided to close the door so to speak, keeping it on the outside like it does not exist here in the US.

One could Lie to himself, pretend it can not Happen Here. Yet some do know that The Walls are about to come crashing down. It's gonna either fall hard or in small bits, it is a fact if one remembers their History. Sad part is when it does Happen, then it's all Power Play and who can get what they can before anyone else.

Thats a given, yet has nothing to do with Real Fear. Fear of Death is normal, at least it should be. Since No One Actually Knows what happens Afterwards. One might take the time to really ponder what is Really Up to being Lost. Thats a very deep Question One needs to Ask Oneself and most will try to bypass that very Question.

I Fear No Evil is what Christ Said. Yet in Todays World, We have so many different Levels of Evil, one would not have a clue to what is Actually Evil. Since your evil and mine are totally different, there is no way to tell anymore What is Truely Evil! Plus going with the 1% idea would be different also.

All that is left is what One Does with their Life. If people would stop rating, grouping, and take care of their Own Life the Best They Can. Things would be Better. Yet all their is to see is What people can get for Themselves anymore. Frankly you should be Laughing that you do not have the problems the 1% do!

Since 99% of it is only Lie's, Fake and has no real meaning and ALL are there to take it away anyways! So they end up with all the money, then what? Or one has all the Power, it becomes Useless! One should place Fear where it Needs to be.

Is Your Soul worth a Penny?


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