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Sister Carol Gilbert in prison with Martha Stewart - "Citizens Weapons Inspection Team"?

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 09:32 AM
I am not sure if this item belongs in this section, nor whether this has been covered by any other thread, but I was shocked to read that 3 nuns were in prison for the next 33 months because they opposed america's weapons of mass destruction. I was reading an article on Martha Stewart and her thanksgiving in prison, when a comment from a fellow inmate, Sister Carol Gilbert, caught my eye. Does anybody know more information about this, and more importantly does anybody have any opinion about this rather disturbing situation?

Though I do agree with their actions, I am left with the question how does humanity stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in all countries not just third world countries, and when do we start the dismantling them?

"IT IS a dangerous time to be alive in our world, for those under our bombs and for those resisting them.

Dressed in white mop-up suits, with "Citizens Weapons Inspection Team" printed on the back and "Disarmament Specialists" on the front, Dominican Sisters Ardeth Platte, Carol Gilbert and Jackie Hudson entered Minuteman III silo N-8 near Greeley, Colorado, on Oct. 6, the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan.

They cut single links in the chains securing the gates in the outer and inner fences surrounding the silo. They left the gates open and peeled back a section of the fence, opening it to reveal the presence of a weapon of mass destruction.

They poured their blood, in the form of a cross, six times on the 110-ton silo lid and on the tracks that carry the lid to the firing position. Then, in a ritual of prayer and symbolic disarmament, they used household hammers on the silo and the tracks.

The nuns were arrested, jailed, charged and convicted of obstructing the national defense, which is listed under sabotage, and destruction of government property - felonies that carry up to 30 years in federal prison. They refused an offer of personal recognizance, knowing that they could not in conscience abide by conditions of their release (which forbid civil resistance) as this nation prepared to mount another war.

The nuns hoped to bring attention to the weapons of mass destruction covering more than 1,950 square miles of Colorado farmland (33,700 square miles in other states). The 49 nuclear-armed missiles in Colorado had recently been refitted with W-87 nuclear warheads, each with an explosive power of 300 kilotons (about 25 times the size of the Hiroshima bomb)."


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