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Syrian Civil War Animated Map - May 2013/May 2014 then and now

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posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 06:31 PM
Then and Now

The Turning Tide

Things to note :

* Idlib is not represented on the map, here is a link to where it sits on the map:

[ Syrian Government]
- Damascus secured with over 20,000 moderate and islamist rebels besieged in Ghouta, important and strategic areas are secured including Damascus airport and military school.
- Aleppo known as Syria's Stalingrad due to the wars turning point after rebel failure to capture it, the front has been stabilized with Army securing supply route and advancing on shaykh Najjar industrial city
- Hamah offensive repelled and counter offensive pushed rebels back to idlib province
- In Idlib a secure supply line was established and the front is stable but overstretched
- Homs, Qusair was captured cutting off vital supplies to rebels, ongoing fighting as Syrian Army begins offensive on Homs Old city. There are besieged rebel villages and small town in Homs countryside
- Qalamoun recaptured, small pockets remain near the lebanese border
- Losses and gain in Deraa
- Gains in Dayr ez Zour with rebel attack on Palmyra repelled
- big losses and small gains in latakia (Kessab)
- Joint SAA and YPG governance in Al Hasakah and Al Qamishli

[ Rebels ]
- Massive losses of territory in the North, most notably Ar Raqqah to ISIS islamists
- Gains In Latakia, capture of border crossing, including the town of Kessab and other small villages.
- Important and strategic gains in Deraa, including the capture of military bases and weapon depots
- minor gains in Idlib countryside

[ ISIS ]
- Massive gains in Ar Raqqah and Aleppo (capture of Al bab town)
- Withdrawl from Azaz

[ Kurds/YPG ]
- Gradual territory gain and arms build in the north with minor losses


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