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Pilot forgets to turn off chemtrail system before landing?

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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 11:35 AM

originally posted by: pryingopen3rdeye

originally posted by: Zaphod58
a reply to: Iscool

Because if you read most chemtrail sites they aren't talking about cloud seeding. They are taking about contrails not being contrails.

really though most those sites do talk about cloud seeding in context of proof of concept, they discuss contrails as being potential covert cloud seeding occurring on a massive scale,

it is though always interesting observing this dynamic of those who think they know certain one way arguing/insulting those who think they know for certain the other way and vise versa, especially considering both positions are morally incorrect, because really, none of us really know anything other then the fact that we know nothing. - [paraphrasing Socrates/Plato) i think perusers of this site are typically of a mindset to want more knowledge, (excluding the ones of a mindset to argue/mock/insult/etc with those whom have less perceived knowledge then themselves) and that creates two very clear directions in subscribing to or being skeptical of any theory,
A you think it could be true and want more info, investigate it, get more evidence, learn more about it.

or B your satisfied in what you know about the subject to conclude your opinion as definitive and need no more info on the matter to satisfy you,

but why oh why are there so many people from group B whom want to mock ridicule insult etc etc group A?

In case you come back, this is a point that should be addressed.

Cloud seeding is not a conspiracy. It's done in the open and some states even require a permit to do it. So there is a paper trail. But, you can google companies that do this and even pay them to seed clouds in your area if you wish. Cloud seeding is not chemtrails. The chemtrail theory is based on a mis-identification of contrails.

Contrails are the white lines that form behind planes. Some of them dissipate quickly, and some last for minutes or hours. Part of the chemtrail theory is that contrails only last a few minutes, where chemtrails last hours.
This is the most discussed part of the theory as scientific data proved that contrails are man made clouds and if clouds can last, then contrails should as well.

Once that is proven and understood, the possibility of anyone pointing to a picture of a contrail and claiming it's anything other than a contrail seems inaccurate at best. The science that explains that is not hidden, but it is easy for even a laymen to understand given that the laymen actually READ the information.

Most if not all chemtrail debunkers will admit that it's entirely possible for the chemtrail theory to exist, but until someone can do better than "look up", we will assume that those white lines we see in the sky that look an awefull lot like contrails are in fact, just contrails.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 11:32 PM
contrails develop due to physics. i don't want to alarm you, but you can cause the same thing to happen when you open a cold beer just out of the fridge. is that a chem cloud in the neck? nope just a change in pressure, same as a wing produces to create lift, and the amount of water vapor in the air. watch the prop tips in this video, did the pilot turn on the prop tip chem trail too soon or is it caused by the high humidity and the pressure change at the tip? remember high pressure traversing to low pressure and water vapor condensing out. just as the neck of a beer bottle does when you open it
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