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Hillary's Shoe Thrower Remains in Federal Custody

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posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 01:55 PM

originally posted by: Wrabbit2000
a reply to: tow69

FTR.. Hillary Clinton is a former First Lady and has official protection from that. She's also a former Secretary of State and has connections back from that.

On top of everything tho.. She's still a citizen who can't just be assaulted in front of world media, filming away, with nothing happening to the person committing the assault. (Attempted Battery to be specific)

We're a nation of law or we aren't, IMO...and if someone can try and hit Hillary in the face with a shoe..then I should be able to slap the next Government functionary silly who asks me stupid questions to get something simple done at City Hall or the Federal building. Of course... I can't do that and get away with it. None of us can. Thank Goodness for it, in the end.

I want to highlight your word FORMER; Former is the key word on BOTH of your opening remarks which makes her NO different than you or I. Yes I know former Presidents keep a small detail but this has nothing to do that It is more based on the fact she MAY run in 2016

Second, A nation of LAWS - You must be kidding right ???????????? She and almost every other politician in DC break the LAW

Obama - You can keep your health care provider PERIOD>>>> (Remember this) not to mention how many times on a whim he changes the LAW to fit his needs... Last time I checked it took an act of congress to change laws. ILLEGAL
Louis Lerner - I have DONE NOTHING Wrong-- Wait for it - NOW I PLEAD the 5th ---- LYING to Congress
Eric Holdner - I know NOTHING about Operation Fast and Furious ---- LYING to Congress
James Clapper - Nope we don't collect information on US citizens ---- LYING to Congress
Harry Reid - LIED in open Congress during the election about someone's TAX discretion or lack there of-------- LYING to Congress
Hillary Clinton - Benghazi -It was related to a short file NO ONE ever heard of besides WHAT Difference does it make anyway (I am not sure --- wait for it ----- Your a LIAR)------- LYING to Congress and the American people

Congress as a whole --- Insider trading is a crime correct... Odd that just 2 years ago congress past a law specifically saying they are NOT allowed to use the information they have based on their position.... last time I checked insider trading is against the law and has been for a very very long time --- ILLEGAL

Are any of these ringing a bell about now they should be

Don't even get me started on the rest of the alphabet soup back east

Really the list goes on and on but that would be anther Jerry Springer show completely

A nation of laws last time I checked lying to Congress was an offense and standard Americans end up in jail if we did that

Cont - Nation of LAWS

Have you been keeping up with current events?? the folks PAID ohhh and worn to protect those same LAWS take seem to be taking it just a bit over board don't you think.... And remember most of these cops get little more than a slap.

They have been SHOOTING and KILLING people with no repercussions case in point the poor guys short dead while watering his lawn

The only people that follow these LAWS you speak of are those of us that go to work every day; Pay our taxes; Follow speed limit signs ect.....

Hilliary and the rest of DC feel they are above these laws and holding this poor lady this long is unacceptable

posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 08:39 AM

originally posted by: DJW001

originally posted by: squarehead666

originally posted by: DJW001
I'm picking up a vibe that some people on this thread have a dislike of Hillary? Could someone articulate specific reasons why?

Nuff Said!

Could you summarize the content of the video? I do not have sound on the device I am using. Thanks.

Google it.


posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 08:43 AM
a reply to: Kurius

If a shoe thrower is thrown underneath the jail... What happened to the snipers who barely missed Hillary in Bosnia?

posted on May, 2 2014 @ 05:51 AM
I wish I could find the address of the jail that she went to I would be honored to send her a thank you for trying cake

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