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A Weird Dream followed by mundane Catholics

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 01:45 AM
So last night I was in a dream. Not just any dream. If you have seen the movie Inception, I was in a dream state like that 3 layers deep.

So here I am dreaming, that I'm with a group of dead famous people that I know for a fact have passed. Something happens then all of a sudden I awake, thinking I am now awake in fact I am still asleep dreaming. I am in the front yard of my house only to find an owl moments away from death as something had happen to it. It dies in my hands then I awake again, thinking this time I am really awake only to realize I am still dreaming. I am in my room, I hear something at the end of my bed on the floor. I turn on the light to see a adult size demon the floor crying with spiky thin bones as hair, kinda like the hair porcupines have. So I walk to the door and put my hand on the door knob. The second I put my hand on the knob I am pulled through the door and down the hall way by a black smoke being. I then wake up for good to a high pitch noise in my room.

So it's now morning. I tell the wife and mother in law who are itilian roman catholics my experiences through the night and they pass it off as that I'm under a lot of stress.

Now those of you that you have seen my responses about catholic ethics know I hate the Catholic religion with a passion. As it does more harm to the human spirit then good.

Now from what I can interprete is all of this really happened but on different levels of conscience on different astral realms.

When ever I have these experiences I'm very quick to force my self back into a dream state so I can face what scares me and understand it.

Now try telling a Catholic there are different levels of existence and they straight away cross there arms and get really negative.

Anyway anyone got and constructive information on simular paranormal experiences?
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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: Abavs

The real issue here is this:

You hate Catholic's yet married one?

Forget the rest, you have a bigger problem than your dream mate.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 02:41 AM
a reply to: Abavs

I saw one of those 'smoke' creatures you spoke of. When I was much younger, I saw one in a dream. I personally believe that they can implant dreams of their own choosing into you. As in, the dream you experienced, may not have originated from within your unconscious, it may have been inflicted upon you by... something else. I think I know what they are, but I have little proofs. Perhaps you should take a keener appreciation of your environment now and again. Sometimes, all you have to do is pay a bit of attention, and you start to notice certain things. Most likely, they are not friendly. I have heard online, that knowledge, is a potent tool. That simply knowing they exist, may save you some negative aspects. I hope so. Please tell us if you see another one in your dreams. I never saw it again after the first time, at least, not that I can consciously recall.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:38 AM
I dunno i think this is not unnormal, when i wake from a long deep sleep i go through certain stages of dreams, not usually as rememorable your experience i admit, but i definitely can tell when i come out of a deep sleep and go into a lucid light sleep then wake up.

The lucid part is pretty fun tho it can get a bit weird sometimes.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:59 AM
a reply to: Biigs

Ha ha Italian Catholics are in a world or their own. You won't change their minds because the church got to their minds before common sense was able to develop. That is why they can't question anything religious. If they toddle off to mass or watch it on the tv then each week they are getting a further dossage of the brainwashing medicine.

Don't bother to let it annoy you, you wouldn't have married a woman who was not lovely in other ways. We all have our oddities, they are what make us unique. Your Mother-in-law is obviously older so will have at the back of her mind passing on so will hedge her bets with the dogma - again when you are older it will be something similar perhaps for you.

I agree with you that the Catholic church has so much to answer for, I am amazed that any of those men can hold their heads up with the hypocritical role they have chosen in life. When you think about the unmarried priests and all the hierarchy, its a cop out really which they have turned into some huge mirage of self-sacrifice, except they are waited on and very well looked after. Nice living if you like wearing garb.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 08:46 AM
I thought catholics believed in demons. And therefore other levels of existence. They have exorcism. Maybe your story did not cover any of the known signs of demon involvement that they are taught at church so they did not think it was a true demonic occurance? Or maybe they were too afraid of the implications to admit that perhaps there is a chance that we are dealing with an actual possession attempt and that it might be time to call someone from the church to locate an exorcist and have him take a look at you. Maybe That response would have pleased you, sir? Haha! No but seriously have you considered that they are too scared of the possibility, like a lot of people are about ufo, Bigfoot, ghosts or demons?

Maybe try talking to the wife about it, without the mother in law. Cause maybe she just didn't want to disagree with mom, In Front of mom, or didn't want to discuss a topic that might upset her... She has to believe in demons due to her religion. So maybe you have more in common than you tbought. Have you discussed the belief that the modern day ufo phenomenon is a demonic deception to get man to turn from Christ and so therefore aliens or at least some aliens are demons? That particular belief might get her talking and more interested in the topic of demons and their role in our modern world. I would say that attacking you in or appearing in your dreams would definitely be something they could do. It might be a form of psychic attack.

Perhaps the first thing they need is to cause you to Believe in their Existence, and not only that but that they have Power in This, Your Realm of Existence, your sphere of influence... and the more mind energy (time thinking) you spend on these things, the more power they get to manifest them selves in different ways in your life.

To maintain the Knowledge that they do Not have any power over you or to even do much more than appear to you, briefly, (I would even deny them That, but if they did appear I would not take that as a sign that they now have power over me) then could be what saves you.

OK I just want to say, I wonder why that demon on the floor was crying? Here's a strange link between the dreams...

Dead celebrities, a link to hollywood in california?

Dead owl, an owl is a symbol of bohemian grove, also in CA, among other things, including the god(demon?) Molech, who demanded human sacrifices, of which a mock version of human sacrifice is carried out at Bohemian Grove. Would a DEAD owl signify BAD things for these "forces/entities/people"?

A crying demon - some obvious links to some of the above, but also, does a Crying demon signify Bad things happening for the "evil side"? But then the smoke entity pulled you against your will so perhaps that shows that for whatever reason, they Do still possess some power over the situation. I'm still surprised they did not want to do a prayer over you or something. And another thing, she must have a Hell of a time with her family over you being not only non Catholic but also possessing such a deep hatred for it, if that's detectable at all...

But you do believe in demons, right? So do perhaps have Some religion built into you already by default i guess, right?

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