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New scam method via befriending on Skype

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posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:38 AM
Good day ATS friends

I have last week had an experience that I would like to share. Especially as a warning to gullible lonely people like I know of many from even my own family that might fall into the trap. I have to split the post into two, but I think its necessary so that who are interested can see how these operatives "reel you in", playing on your feelings of sympathy.

I must admit that I had a tuition since the first contact and was expecting something extraordinary to happen. The scammer is alias g.Paulrobertson.

Here below is my very short relationship that occurred via a skype contact request.

[2014/04/05 01:49:26 PM] *** Z Sulc Harties has shared contact details with g.Paulrobertson. ***
[2014/04/05 01:50:49 PM] Z Sulc Harties: Hello, why you want my contact, my friend, is it because of ATS? I mention Ecuador or did u make a mistake?
[2014/04/05 04:24:12 PM] g.Paulrobertson: well i am new here on Skype and i really don't know how i came in contact with you but i am happy to have you here as friend.
[2014/04/06 07:07:33 AM] Z Sulc Harties: so it was an accident that u found me? I am a member of ATS (above top secret) join our community if you wish, there is much to talk about...I am a ufo researcher for somewhat 35 years. have much experience etc,,, my name on the site is researcher88, please feel free to ask anything, my purpose is to inform everyone. cheers to u.
[2014/04/06 08:15:52 AM] g.Paulrobertson: Okay You are welcome. (handshake)
[2014/04/06 08:16:05 AM] g.Paulrobertson: I'm Paul Robertson from portland oregon.USA 54years of age from U.S. Forces command of the International Security Assistance Force syria.
[2014/04/06 06:42:15 PM] g.Paulrobertson: I am on the move to Afghanistan from Syria as the last batch just left,How is the situation of things over there regards to the economic standard and security.??
[2014/04/06 09:02:37 PM] Z Sulc Harties: I am truly fascinated that I now know some one in USA military...thank you.
[2014/04/07 03:26:56 AM] g.Paulrobertson: Yeah my friend.
[2014/04/07 03:26:59 AM] g.Paulrobertson: Life is precious and i think nations economy grows as a result of good government and understanding of the people... What do you think???
[2014/04/07 03:59:29 AM] Z Sulc Harties: yep agreed, but government must be truthful as well we have just found out recently that the cia has been tapping the french and german goverments (spying), wow that is extreme, I thought we were on the same side. Angela Merkel, is pretty pissed an she should be. She has done more for europe than any predecessors, the way im 50year old satellte transmission engineer, born Czeck republic, emigrated to south africa during the cold war and its 4am here, bit to early to have a beer.

[2014/04/07 03:42:28 PM] g.Paulrobertson: Okay my friend, Thanks and you are always welcome, Are you married with childern.??
[2014/04/07 07:06:09 PM] Z Sulc Harties: never managed to get married but i do love my spouse very much we have 3 kids my youngest is 12 and oldest is 22.
[2014/04/07 10:20:34 PM] g.Paulrobertson: That's great.
[2014/04/07 10:20:54 PM] g.Paulrobertson: What do you do for a over come economical expenses and to sustain your family??
[2014/04/07 10:57:24 PM] Z Sulc Harties: well im a telecommunications egineer and specialize in satellite and fibre optics networks, that is my career, other than that I invest in the evil stock exchange that im so very against, but have to, just to, keep my head above the water.. if the world was different and we didnt have such a silly monetary system I wouldn't be there. what bout yourself?
[2014/04/07 11:00:56 PM] g.Paulrobertson: There is a saying that it is difficult to find a prominent personnel of high principles which are responsible online regards to good friendship and business productivity, tell me your opinion over this?
[2014/04/09 12:56:17 PM] Z Sulc Harties: I believe this is not only the case online but offline as well, its very hard to find anyone trustworthy enough and with high principles nowdays.
[2014/04/09 12:58:46 PM] g.Paulrobertson: Hello
[2014/04/09 01:02:56 PM] Z Sulc Harties: hello to you too!
[2014/04/09 01:03:36 PM] g.Paulrobertson: how are you doing today
[2014/04/09 01:04:16 PM] Z Sulc Harties: fine thanks, yourself? where in the world are you?
[2014/04/09 01:06:23 PM] g.Paulrobertson: am a soldier by profession and based in Syria on peace keeping mission performing a national assignment in order to eliminate the terrorists and the AL-Qaida from the world so that our freedom will be protected and peace will prevail in the world..I have been serving in the army for the a very long time now. I have been going to several war zone for peace keeping missions.
[2014/04/09 01:28:34 PM | Edited 01:28:47 PM] g.Paulrobertson: Okay my friend,Well I will appreciate us being good friends in sincerity , honesty and trust although we just knew each other,,, we can share ideas and discuss about more issues as we talk more about ourselves, and as time goes on there may be something great for us in the future ...What do you say.??
[2014/04/09 01:43:10 PM] g.Paulrobertson: Although we just met, with the step of trust and willingness to begin this friendship,
[2014/04/09 01:43:48 PM] g.Paulrobertson: Thanks alot I assure you that we will be best of friends that people will envy you and I, all we need to do is to be sincere in our communication as good friends... Ok
[2014/04/09 01:49:11 PM] Z Sulc Harties: ok lets see, perhaps you wont like me as you get to know me, I have very different religious, political financial views but with saying that I respect everyone elses views, I believe in Humbleness and love at the best. Have a wonderful day!
[2014/04/09 01:59:02 PM] g.Paulrobertson: My Hobbies: Reading and All sports, including running, snow skiing, sailing, and softball. I also played the guitar in a rock and roll band, Religious a catholic Christian, my plans for my future to find a woman and settled down with a profitable business before my retirement from the Army etc.
[2014/04/10 10:52:08 AM] g.Paulrobertson: (heart)
[2014/04/10 10:52:19 AM] g.Paulrobertson: (handshake)
[2014/04/11 07:38:28 PM] Z Sulc Harties: Hi , Im fine was outside aligning a telescope for a friend, just saw your message, how u keeping, u still havent told me about your life, do u have any family of your own or have you just been in military all your life?
do u have any family of your own or have you just been in military all your life?
[2014/04/11 07:48:16 PM] Z Sulc Harties: yep, its not easy anywhere at the moment, i have approximately 6 people within my viscinity that have had no work for maybe 4 years now, so i gotto keep them at bay, since im the only one working they will try feed off me if i gave them chance.
[2014/04/11 07:48:21 PM] Z Sulc Harties: how old is your son?
[2014/04/11 07:57:19 PM] Z Sulc Harties: wow, he is between my two, one is 19, other is 13, and they get along as if they were the best of friends. my 13 year old seems very advanced, I have opened his mind from birth, never told him one lie, so he is actually much maturer than anyone his age. your son with his mum?

To be continued:

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by researcher88

Continued, here he managed to remove all the messages from skype as I caught him out. so dont have them but you can imagine.

[2014/04/12 09:16:32 AM] Z Sulc Harties: wow sounds like got a raw deal out of life and you're lonely, have you, being honest, had many relationships? Reason I'm asking is because at our or my age, even though, im happy and content...if I had to lose my lifestyle, I dont think looking for another life partner would be on my list.
[2014/04/13 10:57:57 AM] Z Sulc Harties: Hi there, how r you today? not entirely sure what you mean. Have you accessed ATS and seen some of my comments and do you agree or disagree?
[2014/04/13 11:05:17 AM] Z Sulc Harties: wow so he is almost adult and wont require adopting soon in any case, you been with him since he was 3 year old.. so just let it go I think that you did a retty good job of raising someone that is not your own and you held by it.
[2014/04/13 11:06:30 AM] Z Sulc Harties: ghana is cool , but what grade is he now?
[2014/04/13 11:08:41 AM] Z Sulc Harties: ok i understand, so what do you think you would like to do?
[2014/04/13 11:14:25 AM] Z Sulc Harties: cool hit me with what you have.
[2014/04/13 11:18:10 AM] Z Sulc Harties: ok?
[2014/04/13 11:18:50 AM] Z Sulc Harties: carry on!
[2014/04/13 11:25:41 AM] Z Sulc Harties: cool so you are actually waising my time with your scam messages, do your really believe that you will catch some idiot....I think not, you are now posted as being an idiot on ATS....had you been who you claimed you would have done better....F* you!
[2014/04/13 11:28:53 AM] Z Sulc Harties: Oh and you got photo wrong as well, no one my age or older looks that good.
[2014/04/13 11:31:13 AM] Z Sulc Harties: cheers, guess u busted, but I must admit that i gave u much oppotunity, where are you my best friend, why u not responding?
[2014/04/13 11:32:21 AM] Z Sulc Harties: Hello Hello, damn now im so lonely. Why you take unshare your contact
[2014/04/13 04:25:10 PM] Z Sulc Harties: f*** you too

What he wanted was to give me 2.5M EUR to send his son to school in Ghana and wanted to deposit into my account then have me send the money to Ghana,,,, yeah sure

Be careful out there folks!

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by researcher88

His name is very similar to:
His name is Robert Paulson! Fight Club

I find scammers always use tags from movies and such. . .

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:56 AM
Unfortunately they will find someone that will fall for whatever scam they are trying to perpetrate.

No offense or anything but I'm sure most people on ATS are for lack of a better word paranoid and wouldn't fall for this but good job warning the 1% that aren't.

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by researcher88

I have had skype friend invites similar to this spanning over the past 4 or so years. They always claim to be american military of high rank, stationed overseas.

I guess I'm a bit jaded having been online for a long time, so the first time it happened I googled the name, as I thought their english was no where near good enough for an actual american. I'd suggest anyone who gets a similar friend invite out of the blue do the same.

That particular name, with the photo the person on skype was using, was easily found in search. The actual person of that name and likeness turned out to be a retired general, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the one trying to dupe me on skype.

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