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Classified FBI files claim Adolf Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina

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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 11:53 AM
The news article is poorly written and misleading. Yes, the FBI investigated claims that Hitler had escaped to South America, but that doesn't mean that the FBI claimed it themselves. I had a look at those files a while ago and from what I remember the FBI did investigate the rumours but couldn't find any evidence for it.

posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 12:46 PM
im still reading this thread but i wanted to post now..
i find it laughable that some people think he made it out of germany...

by the end of the war he was a sick, weasle of a human, addcted to all sorts of drugs...
all his cronies were dead/dying/running...
we are supposed to believe he made it out of the bunker and onto a sub that he rode for 2 weeks only to land in south america and live for 20+ more years?

hahahahahahahahaah........thats a serious joke....

that is more likely than this little weasle, drug addict vagina of a man killed himself when he knew it was game over??


posted on Nov, 3 2014 @ 01:19 PM
After reading all this it seems to me that in some twisted way there are people that want him to have survived..
If he did escape the bunker by the next day he would have been in extreme pain and vomiting and pissing himself from the dt's.
Did he have a 2 weeks supply of amphetamines? He didnt eat meat.
Did he have 2 weeks of fruit and veggies on his person or did he survive the trip on meth?
I also get a chuckle when i think about how the leader of the master race didnt know for sure if he fit the profile as there was question about his grandparents.
Also chuckle at how the fuhrer supreme leader aryan master race leader had like 17 different things wrong with him.
Some example of the master race.
I just watched a documentary like an hour ago and in it was a clip of one of his speeches where he says that the german race needed to be tall and strong with long arms and quick like a hare.
Sounds just like ole dolph dont it

In the end hitler was nothing more than a good orator that told the people what they wanted to hear at a time when they needed to hear it.
I think it was a perfect storm of events that led to his power grab and if any 1 thing would have happened differently then things would have been different.
I dont know why people hang on to the theory that he made it out.
He was a cry baby bitch and died like one.
It goes all the way back before ww1 when he was twice denied admission into the art school.
His mommy died of cancer and he wasnt allowed to study his precious art and he started melting down. Then the perfect storm of events.
goebbles was another runt with a complex.
Its not like hitler had it in him to be a great leader or even just a leader.
The perfect storm of events let him steal power and along with his psychosis and cronies that surrounded him we get the results of ww2.

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