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A Terrifying Black Mass

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posted on Apr, 11 2014 @ 06:01 AM
sounds like a vampire maybe? or a jinn? (Same diff probably)... people in the middle east believe jinn really exist - are like humans but made of smokeless fire not from 'clay'.... (probably an alien in other words...)

sorry if scared u but it left so...

the movie 'the entity' springs to mind (meant to be based on real events);
u did say 'hunched over on all fours'....wasn't a ' dogman' or something of that sort perhaps? did you feel like it was humanoid?

the other movie that springs to mind is 'the fourth kind', becuase you mentioned seeing the white owl. (also meant to be based on real events in nome alaska....)

you asked if anyone has experienced something similar....

well, i can't really say....

but such things exist, and you aren't crazy, imo.

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