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My MGSV ground zeroes review

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posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 10:32 PM
Yesterday i got MGSV GZ the supposed "prologue" to the phantom pain which may come out holiday season of 2014 or Q1 2015. So lets get the review started.

First things first the pros:
Absolutely beautiful graphics kojima still impresses me on this. 9.5/10

The smoothness of gameplay from walking-crouch walking-crawling does not feel stiff at all. The running front roll has been replaced with a "penguin dive" and has a button all to itself. They even added a sprinting mechanism which is great if you want to escape from the enemy when/if they spot you. The scoping and marking of both enemies and rescue targets is a bit different but you'll quickly get used to it as play around with all in all it makes the stealth mechanics much more realistic. The bullet dropping mechanics make the shooting gameplay much more realistic. Instead of having to snipe the enemy with the mk.22 tranq from afar you have to get up closer to account for wind and weather factors. The CQC mechanics feels a bit more smooth. i like the interigation mechanics in the game as well as the choking mechanics. The driving of vehicles in the game is absolutely amazing. The open world is impressive no more loading screens everytime you get to a different part of the base. The enemy AI has definently improved making you have to rely on stealth more often. 9.5/10

The controls feel a bit different like a combination between what splinter controls mixes with mgs4 and PW controls. You get used to it when you play around with it. 8.5/10

Voice acting: For big boss i think keifer did an amazing job. Even though i still feel that david hayter should've played as big boss in this game then made the transition to keifer in TPP.
For kaz miller i like how at the end on the heli how he expressed his anger in reaction to MSF being destroyed and those lines "THEY PLAYED US LIKE A FIDDEL!!" and "YOU SPYING B!TCH!!!" was just classic.
Skullface the villian of the MGSV experience. He kinda sucked in the opening but through out the game as you collect tapes and listen in you can hear the raw emotion the lust for revenge against cipher and big boss. 8.5/10

Now for the cons:

Really short story you can the game in around 1.5-2 hours and that includes cutscenes. 5/10
The price. For a relatively short game it is a bit expensive. 5/10
No bosses!!! What the hell kojima? i would have loved for skullface to hijack ZEKE and snake to fight on a burning motherbase? 3/10

The ending was a bit spoiled a bit for me Thank you TPP trailer GDC 2013 for spoiling the ending for me. As the ending didnt become quite as shocking as the reporters were making it out to be. 4/10

overall: 7.0/10

So tell me what you thought about game.

posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 11:29 PM
I agree with most of your points.

The gameplay is amazing, as is the AI used in the enemies...the mechanics are great (the tagging and slow mo stuff work well with the open and unpredictable world).

The voice acting is pretty great, although i do miss David Hayter. One problem i have is that Kaz and Big Boss now sound very similar, especially to the point that sometimes, i can't tell who's who when they're both talking off screen......

I actually thought Kaz's voice acting on the chopper was quite didn't sound too professional, if you know what i mean...Kiefer Sutherland does work wonders in some areas though.

The story could have done better with an intro narrative, describing what occurred previously...rather than 11 pages of text to read. Not everyone played Peace Walker, or feel like reading...

Other than that, i don't have many complaints about the story, even though it was short.

The cost...i paid around $40 for the game, and i thought it was worth every cent. I have played the game for hours, and only have something like a 45% completion rate.

No boss battles are understandable, considering the game's length and core. I would have liked a gameplay scene at Mother Base though.
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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 07:28 AM
It seems like a great game,
Just putting this out there... all the MGS fans were warned that the game would be a technical demo, not a full game.
If you paid 40 dollars for a demo, thats really not on the company,
I've seen review of guys going off on the length of the game and all i can think of is "They released it to tide you die hard fans over from bitching, and told you it was going to be a demo"

I dont have a ps4 yet and wouldn't buy one just for a 40 dollar technical demo of MGS

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