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posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 12:53 AM
We have to lift and elevate people and help them in their current positions hopefully taking them to the next or a higher level. If the planet or whole world has an life output rating or life measurement then we need to lift the output or measurement.

I believe every lifeform on the planet counts towards the total output. We need to lift everybody and everything. We must love our enemies and find peace perhaps where there had been none.

If you intervene in someones life at the right moment you could have them living in a class above what they would of been.

So this is what we need. I charge you to help people. The planet as individuals can be lifted. Everyone just needs to do a little bit more than nothing and we can win. Not even everyone needs to help but obviously the more that take the effort to help the greater the life output rating and the greater the victory.

By your choices you can also live a higher life follow a higher stream. It might not take work but a choice you make can affect your life and the stream you live.

Your own current class can be lifted by your own efforts. So it's also about helping yourself.

Everyone grows stronger everyday. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

I hope I have altered your world. This comes from me as a kid at kindergarden. I was thinking about grace and good and evil. I came up with that evil copies good and learns from good twisting what good gave to evil to it's own ends. I figured that as evil was copying good I could lead evil into captivity by getting it to copy me in a certain way.

It gets a bit fuzzy but at the standard nobody does nothing rate with evil copying good then evil would match good grace point for point and eventually evil would beat good. But if good people start lifting others and themselves then good starts to get extra turns before the next cycle and more abundant grace is produced and it starts to be that for every point evil produces grace abounds even more and produces multiple points. Romans 5:20 But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.

There is a teaching from good that you get a choice. If you choose to convert it to evil you condemn yourself and there is no one to blame but your very own self as you make the decision yourself. Good is the original source. All will be seen in the light.

For evil to be lead into captivity then people need to be lifted up to a higher level or higher stream of life. Grace needs to abound more and then can be invested and spent in teaching leading evil into captivity. It's like having more turns and more points to increase your stats. With sufficient grace then it's possible to lead evil into captivity.

Evil is hot on the heels of good chasing hard. Evil uses good. It converts everything good produces into evil. With a certain teaching, if it's converted into evil then the teaching loses all it's powers and condemns the one who converts it to evil leading them into capitvity. Meaning that after evil has been taught this teaching the next turn evil will produce nothing and good will super abound in comparison giving total victory to good. Sufficient grace is first needed to teach evil this teaching and this is why people need to be lifted to a higher class of life.

It's been hard to communicate exactly. I'm still fuzzy. This is based on a memory from over 30 years ago. I predicted that life would go on and people would be lifted anyhow no matter what evil did. There was a baseline and all we needed to do was add to the baseline to win which happens just by living. Evil can only match the baseline. Good is more powerful than sin or evil.

Thanx for reading my delusions

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