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Giant Virus Revived ********* From frozen Siberian Tundra

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posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by UxoriousMagnus

Sensationalist headline as always...

When we actually read the article we learn what they found was a virus that affected Amoeba 30,000 years ago.. It's not a virus that can harm humans in any way, and the virus itself wouldn't have been able to harm amoeba if the scientist who found it did not revive it.

Now, there is nothing to suggest we could drill into the warming polar ice and release a deadly virus on the humans, it simply suggests it's possible to find viruses that could harm humans, and when scientists intentionally revive them there is a risk of it being released, escaping, used on, human beings at some point in the future.

Another note of concern, finding ancient viruses does not necessarily mean humans are at risk. If the virus is older than our own species there is a very high probability it will not be able to affect/infect the human body.

Most if not all viruses, require many years of close proximity with the infected species, and the transferable species before the virus can mutate and spread to that new species.

The reason we see swine flu, transference to humans is because we farm them. Farmers are around them all day, every day and if they have sick pigs the farm becomes a natural bio lab, and through hundreds of trillions of virus life cycles 1 cell mutates enough to transfer to that human being, and he now becomes the new lab subject to produce a human born strain.

If a human being were not there that mutation would have died out and never transferred. Keep in mind pigs are very close to humans as far as genetics go.

Amoeba, and people are absolutely nothing alike.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 01:47 PM
I remember watching a TV show called 'The Event' awhile back that had a portion that was literally this.

Some race of aliens crashed on Earth back in the 40's and were secretly working with world-governments (unbeknownst to the governments) to improve our technology so they can signal and return home, or something like that. They resurrected some strand of the Spanish flu that was frozen in the ice to depopulate humanity.

It must be true!

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