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'Historic' discipline recommended after Lowell police dept. death

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 12:07 PM
The original issue:

Alyssa Brame, died in a holding cell at the Lowell Police Department on Jan. 12, 2013. Surveillance video captured the last hours of the young mother's life. She was highly intoxicated and unable to stand after being arrested for soliciting sex. Brame was placed in a cell unconscious and left alone for more than an hour. When two civilian workers finally checked on her, she had no pulse. Fourteen minutes passed before anyone called for medical help.

The proposed punishment:

Team 5 Investigates has obtained a copy of the city's final report on the incident that determined eight employees were in violation of policies and procedures that were in place to prevent such a tragedy from happening. Taylor is recommending seven employees be disciplined. Team 5 has learned some could lose their jobs. City officials met with Swiridowsky-Muckle on Tuesday to present her with the Board of Inquiry's findings and bring her up to date on what steps the city is taking to prevent future tragedies. "Do you think people should lose their jobs because of this?" asked Curran. "I have made my recommendations, and they're certainly historic for our organization," said Taylor. "She did not receive the appropriate care when she was taken into custody. I'm very disappointed in the care she received from other members of my organization.

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So, anyone want to be the "brotherhood" takes over and political favors promised to go light on these "officers"? I guess we are all just warm meat to these types now.

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