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Just an idea

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 09:05 AM
So I think I put this in the right place, if not move to where it needs to be. Thanks.


So here is my idea, and what I think about them.

I think that billions of years ago earth was created there is no doubt about that. Not by an invisible man in the sky, and not in seven days, but by a collaboration of beiings and over billions of years. I think that we were created after the earth was. This place (earth) is a giant petri dish, with us as the bacteria. Now why we were created has become the ultimate mystery and many questions have (for me and im sure others) have come up about it.

So petri dish. Why would some beings want to create us? Are they good, bad or just dont care either way? Lets break it down....well I try, and sometimes I cant get across what Im trying to say so bear with me!..LOL.

Im my opinion we werent the fist created but we were created a long time ago, longer than we think. I think that those beings needed a place to play with DNA, and wanted to do it on a large scale. So they created the earth, maybe it didnt take billions of years to get it to hold life, which is possible, so Im sure that the experiment started early. So they started with dinosaurs.

They changed the DNA around and started to come up with new species and probably though trial and error, finaly found some strand that allowed the dinosaurs they created to live in that petri dish. So they observed them for a while. Their mating habbits, what they did for shelter..ect. Then while they were observing this, they maybe wanted to try to create a hybrid based on thier DNA, that could survive on the petri dish.

Maybe they did, and those dinosaurs started to eat them for food, and Im sure they noticed that other dinosaurs were eating other dinosaurs. Im sure they observed that upon doing so they became stronger, and larger and wanted the meat more than vegitation. So they kept putting their first creations with them, and noticed the monkey like things had basicly no chance. So they decided to tweak their own DNA and see what came out.

There were mistakes. Like the cave man, small brain, little tougher than the monkey but not by much. Equally down the line they had no chance. So Im sure they decided to get rid of the first creation (dinosuars) and tried to make things happen with their DNA creation. So how do you kill off an entire species that has now spread out across this mass of land you put surrouned by water?

Well you hit it with a giant rock, or an atomic bomb? So they dropped whatever killed the dinosaurs, some say meteor, others want to say bomb, but whatever it was didnt kill them all, at once. The sky became covered and that did the rest, by killing plant life, and other things needed dependant on that. So now after a few hundred years? Give or take? They decided to try again.

So they put cave man back on the earth, but after a wile the great winter came. They were curious to how they would sirvive and they did. So they also noticed since the great winter, other surving species jumps survied and grew hair for the winter. They observed that the cave men at those things to survive, then started to notice they were grunting and wailing to signal eachother after a while. So Im sure they decided to put more things on the face of the petri dish for them to eat, onece the ice age was over. They noticed that after a while those DNA creations peaked. They didnt move any further, so it was back to the drawing board.

Once finished, they made something smarter. With the meat and veg. diet it excelled, after all it had their DNA. Then they noticed that their petri dish was breaking apart a bit, and the once hilly area with a few high peaks (pangea) started to crack and then smash back into itself because of the surrounding water creating mountains and earthquakes, vocanos would errupt.
Then something happened after a while. They became a bigger species, like bacteria on bread they started to grown in numbers, numbers too vast for the original team to keep up with.

So they needed a closer nit group to experiment on. how do you get rid of most of a population with outdisturbing the environment too much to kill some but not all life? A flood. Sounded right. So how they did that is beyond me, maybe threw something into the ocean? But that would disturb the environment too much and killing off the fish wast a good idea because most of that population lived on that. So this is where the whole "noahs ark" things comes in.

Did they warn him? Possibly. Did he get all the animals two by two to get on the ship? HELL NO. Im sure his goup in his area got thei warning, then he needed to build something to get them to not die. Did he build it all by himself and was we hundreds of years old? NOPE. Also Im sure that he wasnt the only one to get that warning. How do you explaine all the other races? So a few knew about it, probably made their own boats with help Im sure.

So the great flood came, killed many, and then they earth was started a new..LOL. So then they noticed that the cracks that occured, started to get bigger then the land masses started to float apart. Then they noticed that the ones that lived on high peaks, in cold weather, mostly clouds, had mostly white skin. Then others in regions where there weas an abudance of sun, their skin started to tan alot more, and becme more black. Thats all I have for now I have to work, if Im inclined I will come back and talk about the good, bad and the just dont care races. Then try to explain or guess (more of a guess) on why we are here and maybe sprit development.

So one question, does it make sense? My brain works a mile a min. so ...if I didnt come off as articulate..Im sorry!
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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 10:12 AM
Thats a lot of words that in the end I got a little bored of reading
My question is where did these creators come from, who created them?
Did they always exist
Did they evolve
Did they come from nothing

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by Tylerdurden1

What shocks me is that there isn't 30 reply's to this, jumping you for grammar, impossibility of your theory, to aliens and UFOS do not exist.

We must be clones who think alike. Our theories are not that far off from one another. There are other considerations when it comes to the continents spreading, but no one around here cares to look that deeply, at least it seems that way..

I tend to look at the little gray UFOs as "Mother Nature" type characters who did all the DNA work in the beginning.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

Anyone who jumps me for grammar is not reading what Im saying. My grammar sucks, if all that they do is attack me for that, then the idea is lost on them. They will do nothing but say "You spelled that wrong, and there is a period that goes there..." bla bla bla.

I agree with you about the DNA. Im sure there were hits and misses along the way. So we evolved with the help of DNA manipulation, and a few pointers along the way.
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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Tylerdurden1

I dont see how its possible to describe that which is "UN-IDENTIFIABLE...FLYING and an OBJECT". By the very terminology, it cant be identified. There are many, many, many possibilities. Birds, planes, sunspots, paper blowing around...see my point here?

But you are addressing the theory about them all being one thing and one thing only...then I think you are way off. "UFO's" are not one thing, but could be many things. Never-the-less. They are not broken down to a single thing...identifiable when you refer to them. Not when youre using the term "UN-IDENTIFIED". Then they cant be.

LIke cars are "autos", "rides", "hot-rods", "Chevys", "cars", "low-riders", "dragsters". I dont see how any opinion could address "UFOS" (that which is UN-identifiable by term) though its got one explanation.

I do see where you were trying to go. But that term is like "ALIENS" just means space-people. My neighbor is an alien. He's from Mexico.

So, considering that even some balloons flying around can be UFOS...then your theory is not specific enough. Unless you mean in a general way "flying saucers" only...and even they cant be indentified.

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

LOL see im no good at getting what Im trying to say out!

Aliens, one specific race, used their DNA to create, dinosaurs, the monkey version of us, the cave man, then homo sapien. Thats what I meant to say, but when I try to break it down, my mind goes all over the place. I think one race of aliens made this petri dish, put us on here just to see what happens. Maybe the experiment got out of control.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Tylerdurden1

No, my friend! You are on the right track. I'd like to hear what youve to say.
Its that these days, the talk generates around one definition each for UFO and ALIEN. And we all know...they are so much more. (Like my Mexican neighbor, a legal "alien"!)

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