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"Sweety" [Feb2014]

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posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 07:34 PM
[An unpretty gothic style tale of escape from necrotic love, remembered this and every Valentines Day.]

Bye bye Sweety
No less a wanton tricksters tool
as prodigy of a gasping fool
not much more a woman then as now,
before when I was less violent and fouled
Scratching at the door this hag
no time to stop collect my bags
never needed it before
wont be needing them any more
will I Sweety.

I said I wouldnt linger long
to sit here all alone to drone
about the putrid memories that try to
tame the thoughts too dark to resurrect me
Taking time away from the eventual resolution
that lies in wait at the end of this now chronic evolution,
leaving now as promised,
thank you Sweety.

Bye bye Sweety
You remember now I told you
time itself would take the core
of existential virtue from your frozen vessels
That it would make them pure again
for all the angels that sit by you
on your silent journey to see
hark and herald sing in agony
am I not
or am I just
a good girl Sweety.

Bye bye Sweety
My brain hurts so much in memory
and cramps in tight contractions
visions plaguing of the aching deadly deeds
and private no less shocking sins
that we've committed in the hour of our sequester
With the gathered corp of latent sinners
only now a closeted revival
a deafening tome of archangellic survival
We've been created to sit idle
resting in the hands of God
She's comming for you Sweety.

Yes I know our lives and souls depend
on the eternal rising damp,
that seeps like filthy vermin slime
through waters edge and rivers bank
For all to see who pass and witness
the perfect brutality of loves Genesis
The danger the wicked find so appealing
in their tortured mind and dealings
that leaves happiness and joy
stupored in the carnal draught of human toys
they do they lust it daily
dont they Sweety.

Bye bye Sweety
As I watched your blood seep to the floor
and the lingering shatter of the glass on the floor
my eyes where caught in a web of tears
and the paradox of living was at its peak.
I saw as your hand slipped from the wall
and the dripping salt of my tears on the floor
my footsteps now echo in a silent room
that none will ever be permitted to pursue,
will they Sweety.

Oh how I longed for time to stop
as it slowly pierced your crust
just to see it penetrate again and over
to witnesses the glorious end of the monster
to relive if not to cry
and again and again to watch you die
To celebrate with morals hounds
and prance once more on hallowed ground.
I took back then what was then mine to be found....

And in my deepest sterile definition
The perimeters of motion defy sedition
Stepped up to claim a silent thought
bought now free of disease Im taught
and life be free from misery true,
but always,
yes always,
in gratitude to you.

Thank you Sweety.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 08:03 PM
Dark with evocative images. Very cool! S&F.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by FissionSurplus

ty ♥


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