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Looking for advice for post hernia repair surgery

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posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 10:27 PM
Hi i hope this is the right spot for this

Im hoping someone on here may have some knowledge or suggestions as im really getting nowhere with my surgeon.
This is going to be a long read because i want to try add as many details as possible!

A little about me- im 23 years old i have had 3 children all delivered via c section, about 4 weeks after my 3rd csection in Nov 2012 i developed a lump on the right side of my abdomen i was given a ultrasound but nothing showed up so i was then referred for a CT scan which showed a ventral hernia, i was referred to a surgeon and had keyhole surgery to repair it with mesh a month later it had gotten quite large by that stage, surgery apparently went great and it was all fixed the pain i experienced after was unbearable i have a really high tolerance to pain i was up and walking a few hours after all my c sections but i cried i was in so much pain after that repair, so anyway about 2 minths later a new bulge appears in the same spot i go to my doctor who says return to the surgeon, i returned to him he said its just healing its normal return in 2 months if it isnt gone so 2 months later its still there so i go Back and he sends me for a ultrasound because of my age another CT was not going to happen it shows a haematoma and the ultrasound tech said they could drain it with ultrasound guidance, so i go back to the surgeon with the results and he tells me to lay on the bed he then gets what i would describe as a horse syringe needle thing it was huge and he feels around sticks it in and drains some fluid says its all fixed now and sends me on my way, 6 months later i start experiencing a bulge again and alot of pain, cant tolerate many foods etc so i decided to skip the surgeon all together because i have just had enough of him and i went to the ED they sent me for a xray because they didnt want to expose me to another CT because of the one i had already had in february 2013 at this time it was Dec 2013, so the xray shows something and they admit me to see a doctor the following morning, so the next morning in walks my surgeon who then sends me for a CT anyway so the xray was pointless! and it shows a recurrent ventral hernia measuring 37mm transversely & 15mm craniocaudal and they cant see the mesh repair, a superficial subcutaneous fluid collection & intrahapetic bile duct prominence (not sure what that means) but it does say with the fluid collection they cant exclude an infection, so in January this year i had the hernia repaired again with a open repair this time, i should mention that as i was in the operating room being prepped by the anaethetist (spelling?) and nurses they mentioned how it was my 2nd repair and one of the nurses made a comment that really unsettled me she basically implied he probably botched it so he could get paid again she used them words i cant believe how unprofessional that is and she really didnt care the other 2 people in the room looked shocked one said to her 'hey settle down' the surgeon wasnt in there yet i actually didnt see him at all they put me to sleep before he entered. anyway all was fine for a couple days then over 2 weeks my stomach swelled so much on the side where the hernia was i looked like 5 months pregnant so i went back to the surgeon again who tells me yet again he is going to use the syringe and get this fluid out, it took him a good 20 minutes and he got roughly 1.5L of fluid out of my stomach, like last time he just stuck it in with no guidance or anything maybe this is normal i just dont feel like its the right thing to do? anyway its been 2 days since he did that, my pain has trippled and its slowly swelling up on that side again he said to return in 2 weeks to have more fluid taken out and that its normal, i dont feel this is normal.

I really dont know if im just over reacting but how he has handled everything just doesnt seem right im looking for anyone who has been through something similar & can tell me if this fluid building up in my stomach is normal, i hope i have included enough details and im sorry its such a long read, i just want to be healthy again im always so tired and sore and its honestly ruining my life i have a 6,3 & 1 year old i need to be healthy so i can be the best mum for them! i should also mention i had tried to get a referral to another surgeon but my GP wouldnt give it to me as i already have one and its his job to fix any mistake he may have made im a public patient in Australia i haveno private healthcover so dont have much of a choice regarding surgeons.

Thanks for reading any advice really appreciated!

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 10:46 PM
Any mention at all of gall-stones?

I'm no medical expert and am far from able to diagnose anything from your description but, intrahepatic prominence stands out to me as a stone blocking bile from entering into your digestive system - possibly 'backing up', causing the swelling you describe.

Again, I don't know...just a thought. Best of luck to you, I'm sorry you are unable to get a second opinion and a different surgeon.

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 10:52 PM
I don't know about Australia. I would fly to the US and get it taken care of properly before our system completely collapses.
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posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 10:59 PM
Well, it sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place!
I America, we are encouraged to get a second opinion and some insurance companies even require it before a medical procedure.
Since a different doctor isn't an option for you, do you have a review board in your country that you can talk to?

I can register a complaint with the review board here, and they will investigate the doctor to see if his work is up to par . I can also request information on how many complaints and law suits have been filed on a doctor, and what the determination was.

Mesh implants seem to have some nasty side effects at times. I assumed he removed yours, so the continuing fluid build up would be something I would wonder about.

Have you looked on line? I research anything medical, and determine what medicines I won't take, and what procedures I will or won't have, and most of my medical team is very understanding and accommodating. The Mayo Clinic one gives some pretty detailed information, and other site are even more in depth.

Good luck to you! It's so sad that you are not able to fully enjoy life with your three babies!

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by kalunom

Thanks for the reply
i have had my gall bladder removed i had that done when i was almost 18 just over a year after i had my first child it was full of gall stones and i was constantly having gall bladder attacks so was eventually taken in for emergency surgery to remove it i also had colestasis with all my pregnancies so that may have caused that? Not sure and didnt think of getting that looked in to my spleen is also on the larger side of normal but was damaged in a car accident when i was 9 and had internal bleeding sbut that all healed fine. Thanks again

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by nugget1

Thanks for the reply im going to look in to that and see if theres a board maybe the australian medical association could help me but i did a quick google search of the surheon and there was a review of my surgeon on there saying he had caused the death of someones mother with laprascopic surgery the same kind i had with him the first time!! Im not sure if there is truth to it or not but really unsettling! I dont think i mentioned it but this time there is a larger mesh in place so maybe that is the cause for the fluid? I did ask him what mesh he used but he said they were all pretty much the same, from what i have read thats not true and some can be really low quality. I have done a fair bit of research online but cant find much info relating to what im experiencing

Thanks for your input i appreciate it

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by Shana91aus

Cholestasis during your pregnancies would be all but certain after the removal of your gall-bladder, so that makes sense. I can't possibly put all this together though with your current situation. I wish I could. As others here said, a second-opinion would really be your best bet at figuring out what is happening. Something is being missed, for sure.

Got to be another ATS'er from Australia who is familiar with how your medical system works...

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

posted on Feb, 8 2014 @ 11:27 PM
My hernia surgery was a nightmare. The one behind my belly button came out fine but the large one on my left lower abdomen is a nightmare. I have to wear bibs most of the time, the belt hits it and it irritates the ss staples. My brother had to have all the ss hardware removed from his hip because he wasn't healing, evidently they said he is allergic to the Stainless steel, a very rare condition. My mother was also allergic to every metal but gold. So it it what the staples are made of that is the problem? I do not know and like you the surgeon just told me the problems will go away....that was eight years ago, I suppose when I die they will go away. Going back to the Surgeon is worthless, I couldn't pee for four days after the surgery and called the hospital after two days. They told me that having problems with peeing was normal...drink water. That was a big mistake. I called the doctor after four days, still no pee, sore as hell and something leaking into my scrotum. the nurse said I have an appointment the next day and to talk to the doctor. Finally I went pee once before the appointment and the doctor blew me off saying for me to come back in a week again. I couldn't drink any water or even coffee for two weeks, in fact I ate hardly anything because of the pain in my bladder. It took years for the bladder to start working well again, and I cannot hold more than ten ounces in it to this day. It isn't prostate either, somehow it must have scarred my bladder or something and it doesn't hold much.

I thought that surgeons listened to the problems after the fact, they used to. Well, actually, I rarely got to talk to the doctor himself,other than the two five minute appointments, his secretaries were the ones who blew me off and they never told him about my problem.

Just like when I had some problem moles removed, the surgeon said he put permanent stitches in and they would have to be pulled. The nurse came in and cut them off instead of pulling the stitches when I went back. She was worried about hurting me by pulling the stitches so decided to cut them off thinking they were disprovable stitches. When I asked her why she wasn't pulling them she said they would work themselves out someday. My granddaughter was pulling stitches out of those areas for six months, they wouldn't heal right till the stitches were pulled. I had six or seven moles removed, what a nightmare that turned out to be. This was not the surgeons fault, it was the one he sent in to pull them that didn't look at the paperwork.

They have a new business here that took over the hospital, I hope that they are better. Don't people ever look at the charts anymore or write things down and give the info to the doctor anymore?

posted on Feb, 9 2014 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by Shana91aus

For your doctor to say all mesh implants are the same doesn't speak well of his knowledge, I'm afraid. Certain brands have been sued in our country for the problems they have caused.
My mesh implant never would heal, and kept breaking through the surface. After unsuccessful corrective surgery, I learned a lesson; never go with the latest available treatment if you can find an older tied-and-true one that's been used for years!

After a terrible time with the latest 'designer drugs' causing even more severe problems that the original one they were supposed to treat, I pretty much feel the same way about medicine. I am not a guinea pig!

I finally came to the conclusion that the misery one endures from drug side effects isn't always worth the brief life extension they may offer.

I wish you could have a talk with your regular doctor about the problems you're having, and the possibility that maybe they might be caused by something other that surgery related. A thorough workup would at the very least bring you some peace of mind.
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posted on Feb, 9 2014 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by Shana91aus

This is not the place for medical advice. This is a conspiracy website. You'll find many different opinions, experiences and thoughts, none of which is tailored for you and your specifics. Confusing and misleading to say the least.

As an EMT (Advance Disaster Life Support)...Im only qualified to tell you to please get another opinion from one or more different doctors and specialists. I see a lot of red-flags in your history.

Still, Im only qualified enough to tell you to get those 2nd opinions from qualified medical professionals.

Good luck to you....

Advanced Disaster Life Support

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 09:34 PM
Thanka everyone for the responses
I ended up going in to emergency at the hospital because it got so swollen and painful, they did an ultrasound and verified i have a massive collection of fluid just under the surface, they tried to aspirate with ultrasound guidance but couldnt get a great deal out, im booked in too see my surgeon on Monday again! However when my surgeon aspirated with the needle he didnt put me on anti biotics and was supposed too my incision has gone very red up top so it seems there is an infection also, which could be because i wasnt prescribed anti biotics, that was the 2nd time in the past year he has done that without prescribing anything following it.. I asked about seeing another surgeon because of all the problems and the response was No and i could try get a GP to refer me to another but its highly unlikely they will see me because they wont clean up another surgeons mess and prefer to see you when its resolved (so what would be the point?). My stomach is swelling all over again today and i think the surgeon will suggest aspiration again monday i have no idea where to go from here but with what i have heard & read about this surgeon i feel like he is just butchering me!

Thanks so much again for the advice i appreciate it very much!!!!

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Im aware its not a place for medical advice which is why i didnt post it in the conspiracy part of the site. I find people on here to be very intelligent and realise that doctors arent always right etc and i wanted some opinions, who is to say a doctor will have seen someone with my exact problems anyway the Doctor in the ED didnt even know really what to do but i like to get lots of opinions on things and peoples opinions get me thinking about things it could be that i wouldnt have thought so then i can bring that up with the surgeon also
thanks for the reply

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by nugget1

I am constantly saying i feel like a total guinea pig whenever i am being treated for something! Even when i was induced having my daughter they used all these new things on me and i ended up with a c section! If its not weird new treatments its weird new drugs its sad when you cant trust health care providers though! About the Mesh i read online they were all different but my surgeon just says what i want to hear i think!
Thankyou again for all your input!

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 02:10 AM
I hope you start feeling better. I watched my mother battle a similar abdominal mesh situation.

She had a very bad case of diverticulitis. It ended up causing an intestinal infection that damaged a section of her large intestine and threatened the permanent use of a colostomy bag. It eventually was repaired by a surgery that perforated her abdominal wall. A mesh was installed over the surgery entry point, but not long after complications arose.

She had multiple infections and even had a percutaneous drainage bag installed. At one point she was admitted for sepsis and had a nice 7 day stay in the hospital. So after that the doctors decided to remove the mesh. But then she kept getting hernias in the same spot, her small intestine kept popping out of her abdominal wall. Multiple surgeries later, she finally got fed up and got some new doctors.

The new doctors tried something different. After pushing the intestine back in, they pulled away all of the connective tissue from the exterior abdominal wall and installed an even larger mesh covering the entirety of her abdomen. It was ridiculously painful for her and it took quite a time to heal, but there weren't any complications or infection. She got better. She wasn't allowed to lift anything over 50lbs ever again or bend over to garden; but she was healthy and that is all that mattered.

So keep your head up and think positive thoughts. Lots of fluids and make sure you're not putting strain on the muscle areas.

Now having said that, heed the advice given from the poster who is an EMT. Don't seek out medical advice here. No one, not even a medically trained professional can correctly diagnose via the internet. Each person is different. Go see as many Doctors as you can.

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by OatDelphi

Wow sounds like your mum went through alot im so glad she ended up getting all fixed up in the end!!! Its sad that even some doctors can't be trusted with our lives in their hands. I seem to have something bulging out i have no idea if its intestine or something but my stomach is awful now even after 3 kids it didn't look that bad until this surgeon came along!

I went back to see him not long after posting this, i took my mum with me because i get the feeling he doesn't take me seriously at all! Things got a little heated when he revealed he hadn't even seen my last CT scan report which he ordered to be done when i was in hospital when the hernia returned. He didn't know about everything that was going on in there and he just put a larger mesh over the top, i also asked him why he keeps aspirating fluid and not giving me anti biotics that caused an infection i had to go on anti biotics to clear, from a dr in the emergency department at my hospital who also aspirated because it was full again and i was in so much pain! he asked who the dr was i didn't know his name but said he was American because he was and he said oh them American doctors prescribe anti biotics for nothing its their answer to everything, i then advised him even the nurses had told me that it is supposed to be prescribed any time that they aspirate. So i asked him to refer me to another surgeon because i don't want him caring for me anymore he has done enough damage also because of all the pain im in i also asked for him to mark it as urgent so i dont have to keep going and getting it aspirated! I wanted a copy of the referral also, 3 weeks passed and i didn't have a copy and hadn't heard from the hospital i asked to be referred to i called his office and his receptionist was SO rude she told me how it had been sent but she had to check with him if she could send a copy of it to me i told her he said i would get a copy she then started raising her voice i asked if it was marked urgent like he had said he would do and she said no and then just started being horrible and ended up hanging up on me, i called the hospital i was referred too and they had got it but it wasn't marked urgent and i would be put on the waiting list, i just received a letter the other day saying i will be seen on 18th June, so im just hoping and praying that this surgeon is much better i googled him and he specialises in Hernia surgeries and no bad reviews like that butcher surgeon that did my 2 other operations. So i will see how i go and deal with the pain in the mean time which kind of sucks when i have 3 kids and a house to run but what doesn't kill me makes me stronger! Something is obviously really wrong though i can't even eat anymore without being sick its getting in the way of my life alot.

Thankyou so much for your kind words i will try keep my head up and push through until i see this new surgeon! I just keep trying to tell myself it wont be like this forever, Im actually still trying to work out how to report him its like a run around in circles process really confusing but i will wait until i have my 2nd opinion then do so, surely not reading my CT report and operating is not right though.

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by Shana91aus

Well for a start they did the operation wrong they are meant to weave the mesh in and out of the stomach lining, as the op was free they do it the cheap way and thats just weave the mesh to the stomach, the failure on this Op is huge and so many people have to go back and get it redone which also endangers there life as when the hernia resplits you can die due to the acid from your stomach leaking into the rest of your body,

You could do a campaign warning other people about what the nurses said about the surgeon and the way the hospital do the operation. warning others what doctors and surgeons are really doing to us would hopefully change them although I fear it's going to need something a lot more drastic to change the way they are allowed to behave.

The only thing you can do is try and raise the money to go private or force medicare to do the operation properly.

You need to be brave and think of the maximum damage you can do to this barbaric system that is in place.

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