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how do u know....

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 01:56 PM
If u have been abducted... Im pretty young and i dont believe in a lot of this stuff. But since ive been having the weirdest dreams i have broaden my thoughts.
I think they started wen i turned 15, i usually see the greys and it happens between 12 pm and 430 am... im not a druggie so i kno its not the effects of those. but the dreams are weird cuz they always start in my room.. the scary part is my room is the one with the attic and so thats usually how they come if i c it happen. ive had some where my dog is staring up at the attic and goin beserk, ive had others where wen i think im awake but im still dreamin that bright lites come through my blinds and wen i look out my window i black out.
Ive had ones that i dont believe or that its gonna happen wen all these ships come down and start gathering us either for harvesting or some form of fun for them! But those ones are truly creepy bcuz my dad had a friend and 4 years ago he disapeared... out of nowhere he was just gone. and in my dreams hes there and he talks to me about y they are there and that i shouldnt be scared... now i think those are some freaky shat that i wish i never got but once in a while i still get those kinds.
Ive had dreams that feel like science fiction movies where u kno wuts gonna happen next and cover your eyes to make sure u dont see the gory images... ive only had one of those kinds... to make it short.. one of my friends got pulled out the bathroom window by something and my other friend and i went bak to bed wen i turned over to face her she was staring at the window and wen i looked over an alien opened the window and jumped at me! of course i woke up then cuz i dont wanna kno the endin to that one..
Ive had dreams where im in my room and i think i wake up in the nite and im facing the wall and i slowly turn over to see wut time it is and i kinda turn to clolse to the edge and rite beside my bed are those minature greys... there was only one and it was just staring up at me, then i woke up again for real this time and it took me the longest time to turn over to see wut time it was and the scary part was, the time was the exact same for both times...
I have talked to some people about these half of them dont believe or dont wanna and the other half have theories for these dreams... One guy i talked to seems to think that ive been chosen to learn new things or get smarter or somethin from these aliens cuz ive never really been hurt by the aliens in my dreams... everyone else get hurt. One of my friends who believes she has seen a ufo and strongly believes in aliens thinks that i should make science fiction movies wen i get older from how well i kno the dreams, its like there burned into my thoughts! She also believes that ive been abducted but i dunno it kinda sounds really dumb... ive seen those magazines where the people were abducted and come bak differently, i always thought those stories were bs and cuz of that i havent told a lot of people bout them cept for people i believe wont judge me... Other people i have talked to wish that they were gettin the dreams and not me cuz they wanna see wut i get to see... i wish they did get the dreams and not me
newho help me out and tell me wut u think... dont leave nasty comments cuz i dont wanna hear from people who have nothin better to do then make fun! But if u have ne ideas or theories tell me
I also believe that they will come and let it be known one day that there here... kinda like in independace day wen there were way too many of the ships to cover up and i also believe that we could b close to some kind of sickness where most of us will die and there takin our dna... Then again they could always b taggin us or chowing down lol nothin like some good human flesh rite? ...
now that im babblin on lol

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 04:00 PM
That's very interesting. So is this just a dream or do you think you have actually seen these creatures in real life?

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 03:52 AM
Hi Brit.
This is allot to digest, i remember having dreams somewhat like yours when i was a kid. I didn't see beings but the bright lights gathering outside my window(in my dream) i remember. and it scared the $@#* out of me.This was a long time before popular movies about abduction were out. Do you think you have been influenced by these types of movies?. What is the level of the reallity of these dreams to you.When you awake does it feel more real than just a dream, are there any signs of them being there.Like an odd smell of oiley smoke or an electrical type charge in the room. Have you had any moments of time seeming to either speed up or slow down that you cant explain.

[Edited on 24-11-2004 by parker]

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 07:49 AM
On a similar note, I rarely dream at all, like ever! I go into a deep sleep and cant be woken at all, by any means. No memory of ever having dreamt anything except in light sleep like when your napping infront the tv.
My wife says i "talk" during deep sleep but she can never tell what im saying. I wonder if abductees are simply "mindnapped" for want of better phrase. Your body stays, but "you" experience being flown upwards thru walls, ceilings etc????

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