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I'm asking for ATS help.

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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 02:00 PM
I am posting this to ask for the help of the best ATS members.
When I say the best I am talking about those that research and read and look themselves.
I would like to ask you all who are interested to read my thread
Iridium Conspiracy

Mods you really do need to take this seriously and I know there's a few of you mods who know exactly what I am on about.
Recent news of the US planning to replace military personel with robots and also google buying into the artificial intelligence company just adds to it.
All I ask is for those who can help then please do.
I swear this is not a self promoting thread stunt, im not after stars and flags and to be honeat yes I want this thread to be totally investigated.
Even if it meams proving me wrong.
I keep coming back to it.
There's a deception or a hidden agenda and yes many and even myself eeading it back looks like its the work of some nutter but thats just the way I write posts.
I would like you very much so to read it in full link by link page by page. It may not make sense but it was written as I seen it at the time.
There were people on here ridiculing me and baiting me to reply which unfortunately I did and got a ban for over a year.
Don't ask me to explain because when I say it's massive that's exactly what I mean, its 'massive' and it involves everything.

If you want to derail it please dont because that's what happens so mamy times here on ATS , interesting things and topics are lost among pages of ridicule and off topic posts.

Yes it a long read and yes loaded with links but what I have put to you is in its entirety.
I provided the information.
so please,
I would be very grateful to those ATS members who are the cream to help me here either way.
Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to hear from you and reading what you have to put in.

posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 02:01 PM
Original Thread.

Please continue the conversation at the original link, there is no need to create a separate thread.

ATS Super Mod


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