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The Lovely Fox

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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 12:23 PM
Once there was a lovely little fox who lived on an island far far away from a big bad wolf. She had dreamt about this wolf many times before and wondered when she would cross paths with him. He was aware of her also as he had dreamt of her. The little fox loved to run and play walking the beaches and having picnics in the open fields watching all the deer.

Both the wolf and the fox lived in a giant birds nest and didn't know it as they were not able to comprehend the largeness of there world. They only knew what they could see. As they were small critters in this large and unforgiving world.

When it came time for the wolf to decide if he wanted to cross the great sea coincidentally the path needed to be taken to meet his lovely little red fox. He decided not to, had he known that would have been the decision to bring about the dream coming true. He would have went.

But you see the fox also had this opportunity more so then the wolf. And she being a home body always remained where she was born and raised. The wolf was slightly different he loved to travel and see the world. He just didn't like wasting time unless it was time he wanted to waste in his way.

If time dealt with having to deal with others and be social for him it was down to business. He had a either it is or it ain't mentality.

Sort of like well we are either meant to be in each others lives or not. If not then it's time to drop it like it's hot and move on.

The fox was still sorting things out and ultimately never got to meet her big bad wolf. There puppy dog was never born. And because of this the birds nest was saved.

Had the puppy dog been born a new breed of animal would have entered the world and upset the balance of nature in the kingdom. And all would have been lost.

The end!

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