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One Last Goodbye: The Story of a Small Town Kidnapping

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 07:43 PM
She cried out as he grabbed her, kicking her feet as if she was trying not to drown. But no, this girl wasn't swimming, it was the middle of the night. All was quiet in this small town and no one worried of any bad possibly coming. All the people lay in their beds, eyes shut tight, dreaming about how life has treated them so well as of late; not in the Mcguil house though, no one was dreaming there. It all started with a knock.

Mr. and Mrs. Mcguil had spent the night out drinking. It was their anniversary. They left early that night, hoping to get into the bar before the dollar drink special stopped. They loved their kids, but they loved to get away sometimes too. Mark and Alice, the twins, were left in the custody of the well renowned town baby-sitter. The twins were eight and Michelle, the sitter, was seventeen. Michelle had told the twins, seconds after their parents left, not to bother her because her boyfriend was coming over and they needed "alone time." Little Mark whispered slut, a big word for his age, to his sister. The word caught Michelle's ear and before Mark knew what happened her hand was already smacking hard against his cheek. "Where did you hear that word?!" she yelled furiously.

"Kids at school," Mark chuckled out.

"It's not funny! That's disrespectful and rude. Both of you to your room right now!" Michelle screamed to them. They both glared at her and stomped up the steps to their room, slamming the door shut. Michelle mumbled, "Little good for nothing brats" under her breath as she heard the door crash shut. Soon after, she rushed into the bathroom to change into "something more comfortable" for when her boyfriend arrived.

Upstairs the twins sat in their room complaining about how much they hate Michelle. "She's such a bitch," Mark said with a grunt.

"Careful", responded Alice, "I don't want to get into any more trouble, so don't use those words. They're bad!" Mark glared at her and walked over to his toy box, pushing the top opening and diving into it to grab something. He reached deep down into it and pulled out his favorite action figures, slamming them together as if they were fighting. The noises he made bothered Alice. "Do you have to do that?" she asked.

"Do what?" Mark questioned.

"The noises, do you have to do those stupid noises when you play with those... those things?!" Alice was now a little more annoyed than she had previously been. Her brother's ignorance was sometimes too much to handle.

"Well, of course I do, if I didn't how would they attack?" Mark responded with a smirk, as if he had won the fight. Alice looked at him as if he was the dumbest person in the world. "What?" he asked looking back at her. Alice glared at him and stomped over grabbing the action figures from his hands. She walked over to the window with them. "What are you going to do?!", Mark yelled over to her, worried about the well-being of his prized toys, but before he could finish they were already out of her hands darting two floors to the cement below. Mark quickly dashed to the window to see his beloved toys now in pieces below him. His face turned beat red as he turned to his sister and tackled her to the ground. By now the noise had registered to Michelle downstairs and before they knew it she was in the room breaking up the fight.

"You little brats!" Michelle yelled infuriated, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She pushed them both to opposite ends of the room. She put her hand to her head and shook it side to side slowly, "What am I going to do with you two?" she sighed, questioning. "Here's what we'll do," she said as if a light bulb had lit above her head, "Mark, you stay in your parents room, and Alice you stay here, and if either of you leave the rooms I told you to stay in you'll regret it!"

"But that's not fa..." Mark began to argue but quickly got cut off by a "shut up!" from Michelle that made him think he shouldn't push it.

"Fine," the twins said unwillingly.

[To be continued]

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 07:48 PM
Michelle quickly snatched Mark's arm and pulled him with her to his parent's room. She shoved him in forcefully. She said nothing, he had heard what would happen if he left the room; there was no need for her to repeat it. Michelle grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut, quickly rushing downstairs shortly after to finish getting ready. Her boyfriend would be arriving any minute.

Michelle had never done anything with a boy in anyone else's house. She had the reputation from the town of a nice, sweet, innocent, loving babysitter; she didn't want to chance losing that by having a boy over. This time was different though, this job was an overnight babysitting. Mr. and Mrs. Mcguil knew they would be too drunk to drive home, so they planned to stay at a hotel near the bar for the night. Michelle figured if she had Tim, her boyfriend, over for a little while, she could get rid of him before the twin's parents returned. Even though Michelle had a good reputation with the adults of the town, the other kids her age knew of her as "Man-Crazy Michelle." She got around a lot, at least that was her reputation. Guys knew that if they had time alone with her it meant they would need "protection." She cut right to the chase and loved her reputation.

While Michelle was busy getting ready downstairs in the bathroom, Mark was upstairs plotting a way to escape without being caught. He knew that if he opened the door there would be a chance she would hear it, and then he'd be in serious trouble. Mark finally decided just to wait till Michelle's boyfriend arrived before he attempted any daring escapes. He knew that if Tim was here, she'd be busy, and if she was busy, he was free to do what he wanted. Alice on the other hand loved Michelle for what she did with Mark. Finally Alice got the room to herself, no annoying twin brother to make noises or mess with her stuff. She even put one of her stuffed animals on Mark's bed and told it how much better company it was than Mark.

A light flashed by Alice's window and caught her eye moments after she complimented the stuffed toy. Alice was curious of what that light was and walked over to her window, leaning out slightly to get a better view. She looked down and laughed, noticing the broken action figures still on the cement below. Her eyes then carefully traced the trees that lined her backyard. "Most have been my imagination", Alice said softly to herself. But before she could lean back into the window she noticed a shadow far back, behind some trees. She starred at it for awhile, trying to make out what it was, but before she could the object disappeared. This really freaked Alice out, and she quickly stumbled back from the window almost completely wiping out. She raced from her room and down the steps, Michelle was walking from the bathroom at the same time. Alice hit into Michelle's side full speed and fell to the ground. By now, Alice was completely drenched in her own tears. Michelle sighed and helped her up, trying to figure out what all the commotion was about.

"What are you doing out of your room? And why are you crying?" Michelle questioned. Alice tried to talk, but her words were jumbled and unclear. Michelle grabbed her by the arms and shook her slightly, trying to get the information out of her. "Come on, out with it," she demanded. Alice sniffled and calmed her self down enough to be understood.

"I, I saw something outside," Alice stuttered out.

"Oh, that was probably just a squirrel," Michelle said but stopped abruptly and yelled, "damnit, it's probably Tim, he's here early!" Pushing Alice back Michelle darted off back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Alice though, knew that wasn't Tim outside, but maybe it was just an animal. She was always very paranoid about these types of things and decided it was best just to forget about it. The one thing she knew was that she definitely wasn't going to tell Mark about it. All he would did was make fun of her whenever she was afraid. She really hated him sometimes.

Alice decided to go back to her room and try to get some sleep. As Alice entered her room she swore she heard the sound of walking in the backyard, but she was too afraid to check. She ran over to the window and shut it, closing her blinds too. "My imagination is just playing tricks on me, that's it, yeah, that's it," Alice said reassuring herself as she changed into her pajamas. She then laid down under her covers. Alice closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep. She did.

[ To be continued ... ]

posted on Jan, 24 2014 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by ExNihiloRed

I need more.......please!

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