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Pharma reduce HIV births to ~zero, but # HIV+ pregnancies TRIPLED in just 12 yrs

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 06:08 PM

The number of HIV infection may be climbing in Minnesota, but a little-known success story is the near elimination of perinatal infections from pregnant women such as Laura to their newborns. Deliveries by HIV-infected women tripled over the past decade in Minnesota, and yet there have been only two perinatal infections since 2004 and none in the past two years.

The secret in Minnesota has been...

Article is from 2009, covering period 1997-2009 in Minnesota. I've jogged the CDC website as well as google for statistics on # HIV+ giving birth to women, but even CDC in its article on Women, Pregnancy and HIV avoids providing any statistics on numbers, and instead, boasts how insisting on cesarian section in combined with AZT and other HIV drugs, they have reduced transmission to the child to near zero.

I'm wondering why such a big jump in HIV infected mothers (aside from the security they will be pumped full of pharmaceuiticals), why the blackout of more recent statistics as if its a non-issue, and what does this mean going forward at the rate of infection pregnancies carried by increasingly HIV+ mothers?

Besides, what would happen if such a necessarily artificial pharmaceutical- plus surgery-dependent birthing operation became no longer sustainable given the current state of the economy, widespread joblessness, foodstamp & healthcare cuts, and nationwide state bankruptcies?

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 08:48 PM
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Sounds like a medical miracle.

I had thought until now that such a thing was impossible.

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