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Interdimensional Machines? / Dreams

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posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 05:07 AM
Hello, My name is Ty, and I am a crack addict.

For awhile now when I am trying to sleep just laying in my bed or doing anything that is relatively quiet I hear the oddest things.

Just so you know, it's not just something in my head, because it has woken up my g/f before and she is a sound sleeper. Also it is not the location (near a factory of some sort or something) because I hear it in alot of different places.

OK - Well the "sound" *ahem* sounds like it is coming from the sky, although not at a high altitude, probably around 75-100 feet. It is really hard to explain but i'll try. It is kind of like a slow then fast noise (kinda of like the matrix effects) or a cresendo. It's a low grumbling, then it gets louder very fast and then changes to a KSHHHHHHH almost like the sound of steam rushing out of a pipe. I usually hear 2-4 in a row, its odd but they all sound higher/lower, bigger/smaller. Also i imagine things when i hear them, it is almost like a big purple / orange / blue ring. it varies.

Now my dreams, i've been having really strange dreams about the military and weird operations taking place underwater and in the sky. I dreamt of a bunch of military in black, with things (seemed to be anti-grav) in the sky, a couple hundred spheres, but they were spheres composed of smaller and smaller rings all rotating different directions. the outter ring is usually about 300 feet across. (but the size varies with each sphere) The spheres are usually hovering over water sources.

Anyways thats my story.

and P.S.~

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 08:56 AM
Please try eliminating the use of global-hemispheric systemic substances.
What you have described seems like direct intervention technology, monitoring by chip implants.
When was your last visit to the dentist? ER? any point in your life when you were unconscious in the presense of strangers?

There are several ways to detect implants in the body, dental fillings are the most difficult to detect and easiest to place. Your dreams, state of being high,
if you are smoking coke, the effects are placing your perceptions in secondary
remote viewing mode. If you are capable of posting a message on this board,
it might be that you are just kidding about being an addict.

addicts usually do not maintain such things as cell phones, computers, girlfriends. etc., so think of yourself as a 'user' and start to realize that the sensations experienced are for your understanding of "triggers" and your desire could be instigated or controlled remotely.

please state clearly if you experience the 'sounds' while 'high' and some reference to your age/location. You are being brave and take care to understand the genesis of your so-called addiction.

experienced continued creative force
drives inquiry to attain freedom


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