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Prophets, Messengers or Crazy People. The Answer is Simple !!

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posted on Jan, 16 2014 @ 10:45 AM
Hey My Fellow ATS Members,

My name is not important and what I say or do is less important. It is the sharing that counts the most.

I have many dreams and on a constant rate of 1-3 per day, some are black and white, some are clear as day and some are strange (that come true). Every time I wake up I feel tired and never rested for some reason it is draining, yet I have a comfy mattress and a therapeutical pillow.

I will put it simply you can not predict to 100% the best accuracy you will ever get is 50% and 70% if you are astronomically lucky.This is in my facebook records:

I am surprised why the NSA didn't fry me for it... Could the so called rumours be a big lie and we are actually not monitored ? or Is this whole thing to divert our attention from something big that is happening ? That a side.... back on TOPIC !!!

Now match that to the actual Earthquake taking place

I was shocked and yet I did enjoy some of the memes that came out of it
for example:

It really made me wonder about the capabilities of the human subconscious mind during our sleep. Also some people called me psychic even though there is no such thing, because every person experienced a so called predestined dream that occurred some time in their life. Thus... we are all capable of this and our brain is a very interesting thing.

I will share some of the stuff I was shown, also he/she/they never speak it is more of show then tell. You are the one that has to put the puzzle together and hope that you have the trust the he/she/they speak in a way that you will be able to understand.

Heads up... Deja Vu is actually a big trigger/key to this

p.s: I believe in whatever that is out there without any book/person or organisation telling me, I just follow my heart and it has never been wrong.

Except....... that time I accidentally fell off a mini tricycle and chipped my tooth. *It was a bad idea at the start. Yet !!! it seemed so much fun*

What are your thoughts on it ?

posted on Jan, 16 2014 @ 10:53 AM
Also this is why many people get their predictions wrong, they do not analyse or think to decipher the message. Instead they rush off screaming things like:

"I'm Psychic"

"I'm the Chosen ONE"

"I'm GOD"

"I'm a Prophet"

etc.... the list goes on.

Stopping, slowing down, breathing a little fresh air and thinking through couple days, weeks or a month/two helps you to get the proper meaning behind the actual message. It can be personal, for a friend/family or for the world, either way PAY ATTENTION !!

Anyways that is my view on where people get it wrong with being shown an event that will occur or personal message.

I hope you enjoyed

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

Not to rain on your parade, but according to Facebook, in January you predicted a 6.3-6.9 magnitude earthquake, centered on Melbourne. According to the article, six months later, there was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that was "felt" in Melbourne.

Given that earthquakes are common in Melbourne, I don't think that this is evidence of an accurate prediction.



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